Can someone talk to me about ticket prices?


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Aug 9, 2004
I have never been to DW. I have no idea what I'm getting into. DH is in FL for a 5 week business trip and my 3.5 year old and I will be joining him for 2 weeks. One of our plans is to spend two days at Disney. Because of DH's work, we are talking about 2 Saturday trips. We are planning on spending the time in Magic Kingdom and are even thinking about spending the second day there are well. We are staying in Melbourne, which is where DH is working, so we are not looking into hotel options. Our concerns are only on park tickets.

I understand that you can only buy one day passes at the gate. And that you can purchase a second day pass at the same time for a slight discount. The big question is about that second day. Does it have to be the next day or does it have the same 14 day expiration at the 3 day passes? What is the real price difference between 2 days vs buying a 3 day pass at the Disney Store before we leave? Is there ever a discount for the one or two day passes and where would I find them? If we choose to spend the first day at MK, does the second day have to be spent there too?

This is my first amusement park trip ever and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the possiblites, can you tell?



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Jul 13, 2003
Welcome Kerry,

Tickets for DisneyWorld have a very difficult to figure out price structure. I'll try to see if I can explain it.

There is the Magic Your Way (MYW) Base Ticket, which lets you into any one park for the number of days specified -- could be a different park each day, but you are only able to get into one park each day. The prices on the tickets are scaled so that the more days you purchase, the cheaper each day at the parks is costing, so there is more incentive to buy 3 days than 2 days and more incentive to buy 4 days than 3 days, etc.

You can also pay extra to get Park Hopping priviledges, which means you can go to any and all of the parks on each day. This is really great for those of us who stay at a Disney resort and go to one park in the morning and then head back to the hotel for a nap/swim break and then head out to a different park in the evening.

There is also an option to get Plusses, which are admittances to Pleasure Island, the Disney Water Parks, and DisneyQuest (big arcade).

Now the MYW ticket expires 14 days from first use, so of course, there's an option to spend extra money and get a ticket that doesn't expire. A lot of people who are planning one trip now and another down the road find that its much less expensive to buy 10 day MYW tickets that don't expire and use them over two trips than it would be to buy 2 sets of 5 day tickets that do expire.

There are a many places that sell discount tickets. One that many people here like is Ticketmania: I've used them in the past and been very happy with their service. Yes, the tickets are real tickets and work just fine at the parks. If you sign up for the monthly newsletter from Mousesavers:, you'll get a newsletter emailed to you on the 15th of June that includes a direct link to special discounts for tickets from Ticketmania and Discount Orlando Vacations. Note: I couldn't find 2 day MYW tickets on either Ticketmania or Discount Orlando Vacations websites, only on Disney Worlds.

You could purchase 2 sets of 1 day tickets at the parks, but that would be the most expensive option. You can also purchase tickets online at 2 Day MYW base tickets for two adults and 1 child would cost $355.72.

Beware purchasing tickets secondhand from someplace like Ebay -- there is no way to know if the tickets are real or how many days are actually unused on the tickets until you get to DisneyWorld.

Now, having said all of that, I'll warn you that Saturdays are usually the MOST crowded day of the week at Magic Kingdom becuase the locals go on weekends. If weekends are the only time your DH is available, you may want to go on Sundays instead. Otherwise, choose an available weekday. (Assuming no special events or holidays during your visit.)

Also, having just taken a 3.5 year old to WDW a few weeks back, I would advise taking at least an umbrella stroller -- it's just too much walking for little legs. We didn't take a stroller for our son and by evening, he was kicking his baby sister out of her stroller and we had to carry her!

I highly recommend taking your child to a character meal. We all loved seeing Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eyeore at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. You will need to make Priority Seating reservations (can be made up to 90 days before your visit at 407-WDW-DINE). Basically, it's and all-you-can-eat meal with excellent food and the characters come around to each table to visit with the kids and take pictures.

Oh, and definitely use the Fastpass system, where available, to get a ticket that lets you bypass waiting in lines for rides. For instance, as we were getting in line for Dumbo, I ran over and got Fastpasses for Philharmagic. By the time we got done riding Dumbo, it was time to go see Philharmagic. Before we went into Philharmagic, I got Fastpasses for Peter Pan. We watched Philharmagic and then went right over and rode Perter Pan. We did three attractions, but really only waited in one line!

I hope all of this helps!


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Dec 31, 2001

We live in the area you are visiting. Here is some advice:

Buy your tickets in advance! If they are vouchers, you will lose precious time on that first morning. Be in the park as absolutely early as possible. Leave when your little one has had enough or plan for a nap.

To be at the gate when MK opens (9am), our family must leave by 7am. Parking, trams, etc will use precious time. This includes the fact that we have tickets in hand, we know where we're going, and we have only 5 minutes of non-highway driving. Your situation will be different.

Is your trip during the summer? If not, perhaps you can get a great hotel rate as you get closer. Arriving on Friday night and getting your tickets that night would make a huge difference.

I would not waste the precious time you have by doing too much dining. Focus on planning out the park activities so your little one has the most fun. As much as I enjoy loitering in restaurants, my 3 dd's would rather be on a ride. Pack snacks so you are never desparate for a meal.

If time allows, however, you might want to take-in a character meal at one of the resorts (no ticket required) on a day you are not visiting a park.

Others differ in their opinions, but, your dd will enjoy MK better than any other park. If you are going back a second Saturday, MK will still be your best choice. So, plan on accomplishing half one day and half another.

Hope something here helps you out. Good luck as you embark on this effort to "plan" your vacation!


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