can i get some ideas for my WDW trip scrapbook

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by scubamouse, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. scubamouse

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    Oct 11, 2005
    how do you all arrange your scrapbooks?
    i was thinking chronologically with 2 pages for each day of our trip but some days have tons of character pics.

    also i was thinking of the first page w/our keys and a pic of the VWL followed by a 'cast' page w/something funny about everyone in our group and some pics. then into the day by day.

    any ideas i'd love suggestions!!!
  2. pjlla

    pjlla DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2003
    FWIW, I only scrap chronologically..... I'm somewhat anal about things like that! I usually keep a fairly complete trip diary and make my scrapbooks kind of like an illustrated trip journal. Lots of journaling and in order by day and time! Starting with travel day (photos when we are ready to leave home), traveling (airport, airplane), arrival (destination airport, arriving at hotel), and then on to the parks etc. I just prefer it that way. I've seen people do rides, then characters, then meals, etc. Not a bad way to do it.

    I also usually do a big "opening page" for each day (since we usually stick to one park per day). I do a themed 2 page LO for that particular park with things like a copy of the park map, pictures of us arriving at the park (i.e. in front of the castle or in line to get in or something like that).

    The journaling will usually read something like "Tuesday, January 20, 2004. High of 64° and clear skies. Everyone was up by 7 am this morning. We had breakfast at the hotel and left for the park at 8:30 am. We arrived in the (name of park here) parking lot at 8:45am and were entering the park by 9 am. The first things we did was ____________ (get autographs, go straight to Test Track, whatever). Blah, blah, blah." My kids LOVE to go back and read/look at their scrapbooks.

    Just as an aside.... I usually end up with SO MANY photos I usually have AT LEAST 6 - 8 pages per day/park (including the themed opening pages of each day).

    Best of luck, however you decide to do it! .............P
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  4. Queenie

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    Jan 4, 2005
    I don't really do it in any order. I started scrapping our latest trip yesterday by going through the photos. I went through the files and found all the pics I wanted to scrap, then I catagorised them in my head. That way works best for me. I've listed my 2005 trip pages as they currently stand below (in no order.)

    Kilimanjaro Safaris
    Expedition Everest
    Blizzard Beach
    The Boardwalk
    Yacht & Beach Club
    Hire Cars
    Test Track
    Hard Rock Café
    The Hulk
    Seuss Landing
    Jurassic Park
    Toon Time
    Islands of Adventure
    Cinderella Castle
    Views from the Ferry
    Big Thunder
    The Haunted Mansion
    Pirates of the Caribbean/Meeting Wendy
    A Trip around the Magic Kingdom
    The Ticket & Transportation Centre
    Meeting Princesses
    Meeting Mickey
    Graham on the Backlot Tour
    My 19th Birthday (Me in fornt of the 4 Wienies)
    Summer Bay
    Titanic Exhibition
    Snorkelling with Sharks
    The Mummy
    Universal Studios

    PIRATEGIRL007 DIS Cast Member<br><font color=purple>OMG! I am ab

    Aug 20, 2005
    I tend to go a little overboard in scrappin my disney pics. I arrange by park. I have one book for each park and one for DTD/DQ/Hotel/traveling/etc. In each book I arrange by land and if we met charectors in a certain land, I add them in. Ex: I met pooh and the gang at the toy store in great britian, so my epcot book has my pooh pages behind my g.b. pages. In my mini overall albums, I do it in a top 10/20 countdown style book in which I list pages by rank of favorite parks, attractions, or charector interaction.
    Here is how I arrange mine in the books:
    MK- Main St and Cindy's, then I go counterclockwise for the lands
    EPCOT- the same with FW first and then WS
    AK- counterclockwise by land
    DS- has been the hardest to get an order, I usually start with crossroads and sorcerers hat, then TOT & RnR, then other attractions in no particular order with the charectors near the attraction I met them at in between.
  6. clh2

    clh2 <font color=green>I am the Pixie Stick NARC at my

    Jul 15, 2003
    There were some really good ideas on this thread, post #86.

    click here
  7. disneyfreakjackie

    disneyfreakjackie <font color="blue">The only thing better than a Di

    Nov 10, 2003
    I have done a book on each park in the past and one for resorts we visiting and stayed at

    This time (for our May 2005 trip) I don't know how this is going to work out!! I have been scrapping chronologically and want to keep it that way, I have a "story" going on. I have loads of pages done from our May trip and I'm only at the end of day two (we were there nine days)!!! I just ordered pics from day three!! Sorry, I'm not much help afterall!! :confused3
  8. TN Traveler

    TN Traveler DIS Veteran

    May 21, 2004
    I scrap chronologically also. For me it just "flows" better. On our first and only trip (so far) I took pix of the kids asleep in the car, playing at the rest area in FL, at the hotel where we stayed the first night (what a waste!) and then what our room looked like when we walked in (figured it'll never be that neat and clean again until we leave!) and then Day by Day. Since we only went to 1 Park per day, it worked really well. Like other posters I go into alot of detail on my journaling. For example on our first day leaving home I put "After kissing Max (our dog) and the cats good bye, we pulled out around 2:30 am. Stopped at the market on 109/I-40 to get gas and then to 840 to 24 and on to Chattanooga, Atlanta......." blah blah blah. I mentioned where we stopped for breakfast, the girls sleeping in the car, and how well they played together (this was a noteworthy event!) :rotfl:

    My biggest problem w/this album (and severeal others) is I have so many pictures!! I hate cropping too much out of them but will on some. My Disney, Universal and Sea World album is 2 books full and busting at the seams at that!

    One poster said she makes notes during her trip about special things. I think that's really a good idea b/c these are memories that your kids won't remember and by you writing it down and posting in your album, they'll have them forever. My husband is freaky about how long it takes to get somewhere so I usually write down what time it was when we left, where we stopped and what time we arrived. It works for us. With my ship inspections and Fam albums, I take pictures of the stateroom doors w/cabin number so I can tell the difference between a Cat AB balcony cabin as opposed to a CB balcony cabin (Aloha deck vs Caribe Deck). I also write notes as to the size of bathrooms, decor and things like this. I've even taken pictures of food as it was presented to us at dinner. Part of my job as a travel agent is to give details to my clients so they can imagine what their cabin or room is going to be like upon arrival.

    However you decide to do your album, make it work for YOU! Enjoy it and relive the memories!! I promise you, you will find yourself smiling as well as getting a little sentimental when you look back at your pictures. I know I did! :flower:

    Have fun!
  9. scubamouse

    scubamouse Mouseketeer<br><font color=blue>My shoes match. I

    Oct 11, 2005
    :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes
    I think I'm leaning toward 2 books - one that's chronological and the other that is smaller will have the characters and their autographs. I'm stunned by the link to those amazing pics - they're fabulous!
  10. Nik's Mom

    Nik's Mom Karl Pilkington is a genius

    Dec 22, 2001
    Another chronological scrapper here. :wave: And I end up with 2 books because I always take way too many pictures! Don't forget to go over to and search their gallery. If you type in Disney, you'll get tons of beautiful layouts! :flower:
  11. daisyduck123

    daisyduck123 <font color=green>I just love those parmesan mashe

    Aug 18, 2005
    I scrap by park in this order:

    1st page on the right: our trip down

    Then my order goes:

    our hotel
    hotel pool
    Magic Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom
    Character meals
    autographs (just pictures, not the actual autographs)

    ....doing it day by day would drive me crazy...I would have different park pictures on the same page...I wouldn't know what theme to use to scrap.

    This way, I have all of one park on the same page...even if it was different days.
  12. DeborahA

    DeborahA DIS Veteran

    Jun 17, 2005
    I like to go by themes. I find I use more pics that way.
    i.e. Disney after Dark, Water(fountains, waterfalls, pools, etc.),
    Meals (with menus and pics), Parades etc. I keep all my Disney pics in a picture book--that I always bring home as a souvenier--then I scrap all my favorites. I don't mix trips and I always make a page or two of the resort.
    HTH Deb

    One of the reasons I love scrapping so much is that it allows you to be creative--no wrong or right way--just do as you feel!
  13. MBowers

    MBowers Earning My Ears

    Nov 3, 2005
    I just want to thank everyone for the great ideas I'm finding here. We just got back from a ten day trip, our first and probably only, and I can't wait to get started. I'm stressed though, because I want the album to be "perfect" even though it won't be. Thanks to you guys, I found the shutterfly account which will help tons because I missed a lot of pics trying to conserve my memory cards on my camera. Anyhoo...thanks for all the great ideas!

  14. patchchild

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    Nov 28, 2004
    Since there are always more things I want to get pictures of, I've taken to scrapping by event or theme. My Disney book is post bound to make it easier to add and move pages as needed. It's organized by resorts, each park, Downtown Disney, and then character fun. The character interaction got its own section because it tends to have more journaling than any of my other sections.
  15. BoardwalkBabe

    BoardwalkBabe DIS Veteran

    Jul 9, 2003
    I normally do everything in chronological order, but since I have yet to scrap any WDW pix (and have 7 years of trips to do), I have decided to do one album for each park and then an album that will cover resorts and perhaps one more to cover misc. things like non-WDW parks, mini golf, water parks, etc.

    I think if I do it this way, I'll be able to eliminate a lot of duplicate photos and really spend time concentrating on my layouts vs. "oh no, not another stack of photos of the castle" and getting bored fast. :sunny:

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