Cab or Bell services for moving during split stay?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by drewc, Mar 29, 2008.

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    We're doing a split stay between the family suites at All Star Music and Old Key West. We'll be taking Magical Express, so we won't have a car. Originally I was thinking we'd use bell services to have our bags transferred to the other resort, and then just take a Disney bus to DTD, and then the boat to OKW. But I've read that it can take most of the day for your bags to make their way to your room. Also, I'm thinking that by the time I get done tipping for all of our bags, it is going to be $20 or so. So, does anyone know what the typical cab fare would be for that trip? I'm guessing it can't be more than $12 - $15 right? If it is, then we'd have a direct trip, plus all of our bags at check in, which would probably be handier for us. Anyone have recent experience with taxi fare?

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    When changing a resort, its highly unlikely that you'll get into a room early. I'd doubt that you would get into your OKW room before 4:00. Since you have to be out of your previous resort by 11:00 you might just as well have bell services do the luggage move for you. You should then head off for one of the parks that day and take the bus from the park directly to OKW afterward.
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    With OKW, as already noted, you may very well not be able to access your villa until late afternoon anyway. I would let ASMusic move your bags..about $1 a bag. Then, take the bus to a park for the morning. Have some fun. Head to OKW around lunchtime, checkin. Assuming your villa isn't ready, go off, eat some lunch, have a swim..whatever. You could even head back to a park for a few hours, returning about 4:30ish to get into the villa.
    But...if you choose to not do it that way..just call a cab. But, be aware..if your villa isn't ready, you are going to have to store that luggage anyway...and that means tipping.
    About the only time I would consider using a cab is if I was going to a 'regular' resort, not a DVC one. With the regular resorts you stand a good chance of getting into the room early, so it's nice to have your bags with you. I've done it twice now...and in hindsight, I wish I had used a cab. But, I went from BCV to POR and then another time from BWV to I could have had my luggage in my room right away.
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    It's not that it takes most of the day for the bags to move... but most resorts do transfers between 1-3pm.

    All-Stars will have anywhere from 2-15 resorts to deliver luggage to on any given day. So rather than make 15 different trips throughout the day, they make one big circle in the early afternoon.

    99% of the time, your bags will be at the new resort by 3pm, if not earlier.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, won't you be in the parks for most of the day anyway?

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