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    Jun 25, 2001
    I went to my Dr today for follow up on routine lab work. It had been several years since I had been in, and it was well over due. I found out I have elevated blood sugar. it was at 105 and the cut off for normal was 99. I also have elevated cholestoral...I guess the cut off for that is 199 and I was 223. Dr gave me a script for Byetta. he told me I do not have diabetes, but I have "pre-diabetes" because of my bloood sugar and the fact that my mother has diabetes. He also said it will help curb my appetite. I am looking for feedback from folks that may have some experience with this drug? I am very unsure about the fact that it is an injected shot? To be taken 2cwe a day? that worries me? I take nothing right now. I would love to hear anyone's stories concerning this? He said once the blood sugar gets under control, and the weight starts coming off that the cholestoral will come down as well, but right now we would focus on glucose?
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    I am a pharmacist, and I don't have any personal experience with Byetta, but I can speak to why your doctor might be using it, and give you a little advise.

    First of all, kudos to your doctor for being proactive. Believe it or not the newest information is that if you treat "pre-diabetes", you can actually prevent diabetes! (I have attached a link to the ADA about pre-diabetes) While it may seem extreme to start with an injection, Byetta works in a very unique way, and is actually a good match for pre diabetes. Don't let the injections freak you out. The only reason it is injectable, is that it cannot be given by mouth - it doesn't work. The fact that the drug is being used so much even though so many people truly have psycological issues with injections, really shows that it is a unique drug. One of the biggest pluses for this drug is weight loss. Don't expect miracles, but as your doctor said it will curb you appetite. I don't know if weight is an issue for you, but this should help a little if it is.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER ABOUT BYETTA is ALWAYS TAKE IT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Otherwise it will make you extremely nauseous. If you forget to take it before you eat, DON'T take it afterward! (I have also attached a link to a Byetta patient brochure).
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    I started Byetta in August, 2005. I am a diabetic and prior to starting Byetta was on metformin and insulin. Since Byetta, I have been able to stop those medications and my last A1C (measure of blood sugar control over last 6 months) was 5.1 which is normal for non-diabetics.

    I lost just over 100 pounds with absolutely no effort. I wasn't hungry and I don't eat when I'm not hungry. :) It has truly been a miracle drug for me and I am having no difficulty maintaining my weight loss.

    There is a wonderful set of discussion forums on Byetta at the where you can fin answers to any questions or concerns you might have about Byetta.

    Good luck!
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    I have heard great things about it.

    I have PCOS w/ insulin resistance, and have been trying to talk my dotor into it. I'd love to try it... No luck so far.:sad2: :confused3 :confused:

    Maybe soon!
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    Did your doctor talk to you about your diet and excercise? And what that can do for you first before medication?

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