bwv and valet parking


Earning My Ears
Jul 4, 2000
Are DVC members entitled to free valet parking? How does the charge work? Is it deducted at the front desk at check-out?

I know that you tip the car valet...any suggestions. Also on check-in is there a portering system for bags to your room. Suggestions on cost would be helpful?

Thanks again

DVC members are entitled to free valet parking only at DVC resorts. Just show your DVC card when you drop off the car. You do still need to tip.
Tipping is always a personal matter, but the most common I've read here suggests $2 each for the person parking and retrieving your car from valet parking.

There is curbside bellman service at the BWV as well as all DVC and WDW resorts (at least, I believe that to be true...haven't stayed at every place). Tipping there is the same as any hotel.
When we stayed at BWV last month, they knew we were members by the Member Parking Permit on our dashboard. I did mention it to the valet who took the car when we arrived. After that, they ask your room #, I guess they can verify membership that way. We were never charged for valet. I did tip $2 each way, service was great. When we were ready to leave our room, I called down to have the car pulled up and it was down there waiting 2 of the 3 times, the third time it was pulled up in less than a minute after we got there.

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