BWI-Area hotels - stay one night, park car for free???


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Sep 2, 2000
Hi everyone,
We live in the Philadelphia area and some airport hotels here are offering to let you park your car on their lot for free for the length of your trip if you stay at the hotel the night before your flight. We are flying out of BWI in April and September and are wondering if anyone knows if the hotels there are making the same offer (the Ramada in Phila is but no Ramada at BWI).
Thanks for your help,
They do exist. In Nov 99 we drove down and stayed at one Days inn, comfort inn...something like that I;m not sure. Found it on the internet.
Took the shuttle to the airport it was great.

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There are many motels in the vicinity of BWI that will allow you to stay one night and park your car for free. I've stayed in the Holiday Inn Express twice and done this. Call and ask about the park and fly rates. In some motels the room is a little more expensive to do this (but not much) and definately worth it.

At Christmas, we spent a night at Marriott's Courtyard near BWI. Stayed away for a week. Excellent pickup and delivery service. Cost about $75. They asked that we not park right next to the building, but there is plenty of parking on property. Waited about 15 minutes for the van at the airport.
Thanks everyone for your help. The cheapest Marriott quote was $239.00 yikes! I found a Holiday Inn Express West #401-684-3388 for $139.95 + tax Sun-Thu and $99.95 Fri&Sat includes Continental breakfast, 24 hr shuttle service, and parking for 14 days. The Comfort Inn airport and Sleep Inn Suites were priced the same. Satellite parking at BWI is $7.00/day with the 7th day free, so we might just leave the car at the airport if we get a later flight. Thanks again for your tips.
We used the park and fly program at the Hampton Inn at Dulles. I think it is a good idea but there was one drawback for us. The shuttles leaving for the airport in the morning have a regular schedule -- every half hour. When you get back you had to call the hotel to send the shuttle to pick you up. After waiting in the freezing cold for over 45 minutes we gave up and hopped on the Holiday Inn shuttle. The Holiday Inn was across the street from the Hampton, lucky for us. If not, who knows how long we would have been waiting. Very frustrating dose of the real world after a wonderful WDW vacation.

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Jeannine, I just got back from Florida, they have a new Pre Flight Parking lot about 1 mile past the airport entrance. Its 5.00 per night, they pick you up at your car, and wait for you to get in the car on the return. It was great service and saved a few $$ and they give you a red ticket with the row numbers on it and you wave it when they drive through the pickup area. No Problem, will use it again. They are online.


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