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Sep 23, 1999
I am going to WDW in early March with my two girls, 12 and 20. I am trying to think of something I can get them both that I can add to when we go to the other parks (just to visit!) My youngest would grow out of a shirt too fast. I was thinking about getting patches from each park but what would I iron them on?

Any new ideas?

Tina ;)
Your girls might like the lanyards for pin trading! That's what I am getting my older girl(14). The younger one (6) still loves the autograph book. If you check out the collectors board, you can get an idea what its all about. I guess it can get expensive, but the idea of trading pins with the cm's sounds like fun! I ordered the lanyard ahead of time from Jane at Gifts of a Lifetime. You can get the autograph books through her too. Costs a little more but we will have them before we go. Hope this helps.

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Since pins are in, patches are out, apparently, because I looked for them and didn't find anything. My son, 8, caught pin fever though and was a trading madman. He bought himself a Disney hat with his allowance and kept the pins on it. The lanyards are not very comfortable to wear around the parks, when you really need them for trading. Luckily, I had gotten on eBay and bought some cheap Disney pins to start off MY trading (RIGHT), so it wasn't as expensive as buying our first pins from WDW. We did end up buying ones we didn't find to trade that were rides he loved, but it is a great souvenier that he wears proudly

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I was thinking about the pins, or the pressed pennies, but that wouldn't help with the 'other' parks. My girls are BIG roller coaster fans, so we will have to go to IOA 1 day. And I have set up 1 day for Discovery Cove for a surprise.

I was just trying to find something to collect for all the parks. Oh well, I'll keep thinking, (even though that can be dangerous ;) )



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