buy less than 125 points direct


Earning My Ears
Dec 22, 2019

I do not have a blue card, but I would love to own a little piece of RIV. Has anyone purchased less than the amount needed for a blue card? I'm not really seeing the value of it, but I l'd love a long weekend in a studio at RIV for the rest of my life.


Earning My Ears
Nov 25, 2020
If not going for the blue card, may as well buy resale. Can get it for as low as 140/150/pt I think, which is lower than you will see with incentives buying that little direct, and if your intent is to stay at RIV then the restriction on not being able to trade out may not be a big deal.

Of course if you want to sometimes get a room at POL or wherever, that may not be a great choice. If you are 1000% sold on RIV, or don't mind renting out your points and buying from someone on the occassions you want to stay elsewhere, then resale might be ideal.


DVC Forums
Nov 15, 2008
If you are a member, they will sell you as little as 50 points at RIV. Yes, resale will save you and the points will be good only at RIV, but finding something that small may take a while.

If all you are looking for is a long weekend, it might be worth it to spend the extra and just buy direct vs, waiting


DIS Veteran
Jan 21, 2020
You could also buy more of whatever your blue card points are resale and use the grandfathered points to book RIV once in a while.


DIS Veteran
Feb 24, 2013
If all you want is a weekend then all you want is a weekend. The good thing is that if for some reason you change your mind in the future direct points stack to get to whatever the requirement is for points to qualify for the blue card.

Spinster Travel

Jun 20, 2020
I'd too buy that small point contract direct. The small point resale contracts typically go much higher and buying direct often can end up being a few hundred more dollars over resale. Right now, you are thinking how nice it will be to have a weekend at RIV, but your preferences are likely to change over the life of the contract. Having the ability to use those 50 points elsewhere will come in handy down the road in my opinion. Another perk of buying direct is that if you have a Disney Visa, you can put the purchase on it, get the 2% rewards, and have six months zero percent on the balance. I just did that for a small add-on at OKW. That's not a fit for all, but something to consider if buying your RR contract in cash or paying it off quickly is something you can swindle.