Buttys' travels in Orlando - Day 11 and 12

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    Day 11 Wednesday 13/3 & 12 Thursday 14/3 Death by backache and the looong journey home

    Plan to get up early and do IOA for our final day, but plans scuppered by the most excruciating backache ever. Woke up at 5.00 am in total spasm – owww. Thank God I bought a mega tub of ibuprofen from Wal-Mart. Just had to spend most of the day in the pool to relieve the pain, unfortunately though I slathered suncream all over the kids and Baz and forgot myself, as I never burn. Yeah, right – this is FLORIDA!!!!!!
    YOW!!!! Burnt and itchy shoulders and neck ensue.

    BTW had B/fast at TGI’s and Todd, our favourite waiter, announced that it was on the house for being great customers. Exchanged addresses etc. He is a really great guy – works bar in the evenings as well and is currently also going thro nursing school as just left the army – good timing I’d say. His wife is expecting soon as well so I guess he is so nice as to bump up the tips and it sure worked on us.(Or is that really cynical)
    If you go there, be sure to ask for him tho as he was the best out of a great bunch.

    Had lunch at TGI’s again, then a nap, and a walk down to Bargain World to pick up a new holdall, despite packing an empty have still got way too much stuff to fit – knew I shouldn’t have got that extra jar of Reece’s Peanut butter!

    Last load of laundry - just how many clothes can one family get through???? I even generously left the remains of the box of surf for someone and sure enough it was gone when I returned to do the drying. Got really annoyed, as there was a guy in there who had dumped all my stuff on the table so he could use my dryer when there were 2 others he could use. I asked him if that was his lucky dryer or something and he just gave me a strange look and walked out. I don’t think other people understand brit humour. Did all the packing and then Baz and I sat down to discuss dates for the next holiday. Can’t really believe that it is all over.


    Got up and had breakfast. Went to the pool, then had beers and Bacardi Silver by the pool and it’s not even eleven yet – Decadent or what?? Got really bored at about 1 o’clock as hate waiting around to go so we changed and called Tiffany’s to come and get us earlier. Bellhop fetched our piles of luggage, whilst I panicked about weight allowances for the plane. Tiffany’s’ driver was OK – not a patch on Amin tho, he didn’t even help us with the luggage, just whistled up a skycap and departed. Helpful skycap left bags at the desks and Zach supervised it whilst we queued. Only waited about 15 mins and then got a really nice lady who didn’t even weight our bags – just checked they were labelled correctly and then called up our disabled assistance who whisked us through security and then not so helpfully left me with Danny in the buggy, Zach and Baz in a wheel chair at the monorail. Zach insisted that Baz stay in the wheelchair and pushed him on ever so gently – Aaaah- tear in eye here. He then took us all over to the refreshment area and parked Baz, before placing his desired lunch order of what else – fries and lemonade. Danny had fries as well and we had coffee - blech – oh well only $5.19.

    Went up to the gate to wait and then found out that you could smoke in the bar area of where we had just been sitting, so Zach and I went back – him for a watery Coke and me for the last *** for several looong hours.

    Wait about an hour, then get buggy labelled up and get escorted onto the plane by very nice lady. Kids are an absolute nightmare on the short flight to Washington. Zach got shouted at by the guy in front of me as he caught his hair when he was trying to get past me to go to the loo. – Berk shouldn’t have had his seat reclined all the time. I had to hold Danny facing sideways as he wanted to push the seatback away and he was wriggling and screeching as he couldn’t get comfortable. We had the worst landing I have ever experienced up and down as we approached and then at least 5 bounces when we finally touched down, the guy across the aisle was actually in the crash position – bend over and kiss you’re a**e goodbye – LOL and I went through a few Hail Mary’s myself. Finally got to Dulles and we were whisked of the plane by nice man with wheelchair and straight onto plane to Heathrow. Minor row as we didn’t have our bulkhead seats – I had a ‘I don’t believe it’ moment and Baz calmed me down, whilst the poor steward who got it in the neck vanished to sort it out. Apparently the poor fellow went quite pale when I berated him, but I obviously was suffering plane rage and didn’t notice.

    The steward reappeared and thankfully we had the same seating as on the way out.
    Dosed up the kids and off we set. Much better take off this time and the plane was obviously quite new. Staff were really great. Dinner was lush – Beef in a wine sauce, Chardonnay and cheesecake. Had a couple of after dinner brandies as kids were in slumber land by this time. Bought another 200 Marlboros $19 and CK1 $27.Just could not sleep though as every time I started to drop off, the rather large guy behind me just had to use the bathroom. The first time it happened I was very nearly asleep and it startled me so much that I thought the plane was crashing. Oooops. Feet really swelled up and were throbbing painfully when it came to breakfast time. Pretty manky breakfast tho’ – 1 Croissant and some partially melon – blech.

    Get into Heathrow half an hour early. Pick up luggage and solve problem of how to get from one place all together by putting the stroller on top of the luggage and perching Danny on the handle of the trolley. As we approach Customs, I have a really bad feeling and mention it to Baz, who poo poos it immediately. Okay so the bad feeling is not wrong, merely mis-directed as the Customs guys pull out both the people in front and behind us. Even Baz shuts up then.

    Had a quick breakfast at Garfunkels for the kids and then head out to wait 20 mins for the coach and it is pouring down with rain – typical!! Coach is on time and bus drivers are really nice and helpful – we get to sit at the front and all of us bar Baz fall asleep immediately. Wake up just as we are pulling into Car park and taxi awaits us. Hassle free journey and £6 later we get home at about 12.45. Lovely. Baz takes luggage upstairs, I make coffee, kids run riot for a while and then I notice Danny’s flagging so off he goes back to bed, where he stays until the next morning when I have to wake him up at nine!!!

    Baz goes off to work to collect his dog (Mac) and arranges for Nix to be dropped off the next day. He then decides to stay for a drink and stumbles back at about 10 in a beer fuelled, jet lag stimulated trance and stays comatose for the next 12 hours, whilst I meanwhile have unpacked and put away 7 cases full of clothes, food and junk. I am not a happy bunny. I resolve the jetlag by staying awake until it’s my usual bedtime and awake really refreshed the next day. Everyone else meanwhile suffers for the next few days. Ha ha
    Oh well roll on next year…
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    Mar 17, 2002

    I really enjoyed all your trip reports, I've been waiting for you to post them over the last few days :)

    Thanks for the tips on smoking locations! We are such pariahs.

    Hope you really enjoyed the holiday and glad you are already planning next one.

    Love and best wishes

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    Hi Elsie:wave:

    Thanks for the trip reports they were great to read.
    Hope you get to see more of the parks next time.

    :) :) :)
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    Feb 10, 2000
    I've really enjoyed reading all your reports - thanks for posting :)
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    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!!

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