Burning my mortgage!!!


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Nov 9, 2000
YESSS! I just found out that I've made my LAST mortgage payment.....whooohooo, we'll be burning the mortgage soon! Gee, what should I do with all that new found money? HMMMMM, when are BCV's on sale? :D :cool: :smooth:
Congratulations!! It always feels good to pay something off, doesn't it?? I would say it is definately time to add more points!!:D

BCV is evidently going on sale on February 3. That's only 17 days so........

enjoy your 17 days of mortgage-free living! ;)
thanks for the congrats, I was just so excited after I got off the phone with member accounting. Now, if I can just convince hubby that we need more than 350 points! somehow I'm not too hopeful....but I'll try. :D
Congrats. I have just opened a HELOC. The available line is burning a hole in my pocket, so I thought I will add-on via resale at OKW with 250pts. My friends call me crazy since I have just signed a VWL contract w/DVC. I replied I would rather do this than lose it all in the market.

Need to get DW to get into the disney thing! Any ideas? DW complaint about being at WDW too frequently.
Wow, thats great. I can't wait for mine to end. About three years. Oh, yeah, I forget, we have college coming up and underage drivers coming up, yeap, the way I figure, it will defnitely cost me more than my mortgage.

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