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Jan 12, 2000
I made ressies with DL Travel back in Nov. for a March 2003 trip with DW(adults only-yippee!!!) I got my Disney Club discount which allowed us to stay onsite at PP(yippee again!!!). Everything looks good except our return flight. We have to leave Orange County airport at 6:45 AM!!! We'll probably have to get up about 3:45! I've called back several times trying to change the flight time to no avail. This will definitely have an effect on our plans for our last evening. Anyone have any advice? We're really bummed about this. Should I just live with it or should I take the extreme route and cancel our trip?

May I be so bold as to ask ------

1. Was that the time for return that was agreed to when making the reservations? If no go to 2. If yes You may need to cancel (hope you have the trip insurance) and make new ressies later.

2. Flight routes and times change frequently but usually only a few minutes either way on times. If you booked --say a flight that left at 10:00am but you were put on the 6:00am flight without anyone asking you --you can go back to the airline and ask for a flight with a time that fits your needs. This is also the case of the travel CO. If you are hearing no changes---- keep asking---if a flight time has changed--"greatly" the correct answer is yes---they should be able to help you....

3. Stay up late--pack take a nap--don't actually go to bed--Stay up all night just like in the old days....

Hope this helps


Have fun
When I made the ressies, I told them I didn't like the return flight. They checked for a better flight, couldn't find anything, & said to wait awhile & call back. Ive tried four times.
We had a 6 am flight departing Orlando (MCO) and also called airlines numerous times and then the night before our flight back...the airline rep. said there is a thing called the "Flat Tire" rule that allow you to catch the next availble flight.

Well we didn't risk waiting around the airport all day just for an extra hr sleep...so we slept on the plane along with the other 12 sleeping passengers on the 737.
Have you paid your final payment? You shouldn't have as they are not due until 30 days in advance. You can drop the air through Disney any time up until then and book it on your own. :) Don't cancel your trip over the flight times, just find better air and flights on your own and drop the air from your package.

When I read your advice about dropping the air I had booked through
Disney, I thought to myself, Duh! Why didn't I think of that?

Well, to make a long story short, I searched the internet for about 3 hours &
finally found a great deal through Orbitz with perfect flight times. Then, when
I called DL Travel to cancel the air, they told me about a current special on
Disney hotels that saved me $100+. So, all in all I added a half day to our
touring schedule & saved $500 on the cost of our trip!!! Sometimes you just
have to be reminded of the obvious. Thanks for the help.



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