BrerLund Celebration: 12/1-9 Day 9 Travel and Final Thoughts

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by BrerMama, Dec 11, 2000.

  1. BrerMama

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    Apr 4, 2000
    This was supposed to be our uneventful travel day but I woke up at 3:45 and just couldn’t shake this nagging feeling. Finally at 6:30 while Dan was in the shower I called Delta flight information just to confirm our 12:40 flight from Orlando to Dallas. The worst words in the world are “this flight has been canceled due to flight crew delays.” I felt like the bottom just dropped out of the world. The big kids were fighting about granola bars, the baby was crying and I just locked myself in the master bedroom and got on the phone with a ticket agent. Delta had already booked us on an alternate 5 pm flight but had no way to tell us that since they didn’t have our hotel number. The ticket agent was able to get us on a 9:20 am flight, however, which worked much better because we were already packed and our van had to be back at 11 am (meaning another 6 hour airport layover). We hurried around, managed to eat a quick breakfast and checked in at the airport just in time to hear the announcement that our 9:20 flight would be delayed due to mechanical problems. Now I am not the most confident flyer anyway, but I sure didn’t want to fly in any plane with recent mechanical problems. Having no choice, we boarded the plane about 9:45 and it wasn’t until the plane was in the air that the pilot came on to assure us the oil leak had been fixed. Just information I didn’t need to know. Chesney was an angel on the flight and the big kids played GameBoy so it was very uneventful. After a Wendy’s picnic at the Atlanta airport (and a 3 hour layover) we finally boarded a plane for home which was thankfully bigger than our first commuter plane and we landed at home about 3:30, were home about 4:30 and dropped off 15 rolls of film for developing at 5:30. Priorities here.

    Final Thoughts:

    We really had a great time at Disney. We didn’t overdo and were usually done by at least 2 pm. We also didn’t get to see any of the nighttime events (Fantasmic, Illuminations, or even Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party) but our kids were always in bed by 8 pm and much happier in the morning.

    One of the best parts of our trip was interacting with the characters. Two years ago the kids didn’t want anything to do with characters so it was great to see how much they enjoyed meeting their favorites. Mykiah developed a major Minnie infatuation and looked for her everywhere (and bought 3 stuffed Minnies as souvenirs).

    Our children had been saving money for 9 months before the trip and ended up having $20 per park for souvenirs. We let them spend this however they wanted (with some guidance) and they still came home with $20 each. And their souvenirs are more special because they were able to pick them out themselves.

    We liked HIFS a lot. It was perfect for our family (Grandpa even had his own room) and I imagine the kidsuites would have been a good fit if Grandpa hadn’t gone with us. We will probably stay there again, unless we win the lottery and then we’ll be at the Contemporary which is now our *dream* hotel.

    We will definitely be doing Chef Mickey’s again and probably Prime Time Cafe and Cindy’s Breakfast. We’ll pass on Crystal Palace and I’d still like to eat at one of the World Showcase restaurants.

    Taking Grandpa along was the best idea ever. He was an extra pair of hands, kept us from griping too much and the kids loved it. Next time Grandma will have to come too.

    The weather was always changing which made it difficult to know what to wear, but it was always bearable. Crowds were large to me but patience is not my strong suit. We chose to visit in December so that we could see the Christmas decorations but I really didn’t feel they were all that special and I definitely wasn’t in the Christmas spirit until the last 2 days of our vacation. In fact until then the Christmas music really annoyed me. It was warm and sunny, not crisp and cold.

    For our kids, 4 and 6 seemed to be much better ages than 2 and 4 for enjoying the magic of Disney. We’re talking about going back for Chesney’s 3rd birthday, so we’ll see how that goes. I definitely want to try going just before Thanksgiving or in early January.

    I guess that’s it. If anyone has any questions, just email me at I’d be glad to answer them as best I can. Thanks for reading!

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Thanks for an excellent report! I'm glad your flight finally worked out and you are home safe and sound. Looking forward to your next one.....

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  4. LisaTx

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    Feb 11, 1999
    That was a wonderful report, Kimberly. :) Thanks for taking the time to write them up.

    I'm glad you all had such a good time. :D


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  5. Rajah

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    Aug 17, 1999
    That was fun, thanks for the report!! Your kids sound like absolute dolls :D

    I'm sorry you had a bad time at Crystal Palace...that's one of our favorites, but we've only gone for breakfast and I will admit our service wasn't that good last time, either. But we love the food and Tigger's a favorite so we'll return again :D

    I'm also very sorry to hear about your flight complications!! Both ways? Yikes! Good thing you called to check!!

    I don't know that I could stand to go and not see at least one of the evening parades, but then again I don't have any kids (yet) and DH and I are both night owls so the evening activities are highlites for us.

    As for when to go again...I've been early January, mid January, early Nov, and we're going again this week (leave Thurs) and of the times I'd definitely say mid January was the least crowded (8th through 17th) *except* on MLK weekend. I can't really say first-hand anything on the crowds for Dec yet, but will be able to next week. We're also not very patient about lines, and Fantasyland and AK really do become packed even when there aren't long waits for things.

    I'm glad you were able to take "Grandpa" with you as well. That was really nice of both you (for taking him) and him (for taking the kids once in a while).

    Thanks for the report, I enjoyed it! :D



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  6. BrerMom

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    Oct 25, 1999
    Wonderful reports! Thanks for taking the time to post them.

    We're flying Delta in January - I sure hope they have their act together by then.

    By the way, love your name. ;) Splash Mountain is my favorite ride, too.
  7. CherylA

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I enjoyed your report. I feel like we have similar attitudes towards food costs at Disney. Most of the time I don't mind paying the price for a sit down or character meal but when you catch bad service or food or character interaction it totally spoils the magic and to pay $20/pp and not have felt magic burns me up. So I related to your Crystal Palace experience even though thats one place where I have never had that feeling. Thanks for posting :)
  8. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    Sounds like you had a great Disney trip. Thanks for posting!

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