BrerLund Celebration: 12/1-9 Day 5 Magic Kingdom (Finally!)

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    Everyone was excited about finally going to the Magic Kingdom and we managed to be parking in the lot 45 minutes before transportation even started running. It was cool out and I tried to convince Dan to wait in the van, but he and the other kids were too excited so we were some of the first in line. All week the weather was cool for Florida, but I was so amused by the newscasters complaining about the cold 60 degree weather. I’m thinking they’re a little too spoiled and if they want to feel cold they should come to Kansas where today it is 20 degrees below zero with the wind chill. That’s cold. 60 is nothing. So while it did mean that most mornings we started out with a sweatshirt, we were usually in tee shirts by the afternoon and some days we even managed to go swimming --- we just had a lot of towels ready for when we climbed out of the heated water.

    We chose to take the ferry over to Magic Kingdom; I just love standing at the front of the ferry and watching us get closer and closer! Dan loved making fun of my windblown hair. ;) On Main Street we separated and Dad took Chesney and went for coffee and Dan and I took the big kids and stood at the rope leading to Adventureland. When the ropes dropped we were at the front of the line heading for Splash Mountain and even with stopping to park Mykiah’s stroller, we were on the first boat down the mountain. This is my all time favorite ride and always will be; Brady usually says that his favorite is Splash also. This was Mykiah’s first ride and she liked the animals but *hated* those drops. When we started up the big hill I had to hold her in her seat, so our picture shows me desperately holding her around the waist while having my eardrum punctured by her screams. And as soon as we were at the bottom she was fine again and enjoyed the ZipADeeDooDah part. Kids. Go figure.

    We had told Grandpa we were going to meet him in front of the Country Bears at 9:30 so after we bought our picture and a frame (a family tradition) we hurried over to meet him. A show had just started so instead of waiting 20 minutes, we walked over to Pirates of the Caribbean and sang YoHo. The Tiki Birds were just starting a show so we went ahead and caught that which of course made us miss the next Country Bear show. Dan suggested Fantasyland so we walked through Liberty Square on our way. Dan and Brady really wanted to do Haunted Mansion but Mykiah was still in her scared stage so we decided to do that on Friday and walked on to Peter Pan.

    On our trip to Disneyland 2 years ago, Peter Pan was our first ride and it scared the big kids to death. They cried every time we tried to get them on a dark ride after that. So my stomach was in knots as we approached our pirate ships for our flight through Neverland. I took Chesney (who only wanted Mommy), Dan took Mykiah and Gramps took Brady. I was in the first ship and kept turning around trying to see the kids and how they were doing. I needn’t have worried; Peter Pan was Mykiah’s favorite ride of the trip! She loved it.

    It’s A Small World was our next ride and all of the kids enjoyed this (and even I didn’t mind much). We picked up a FastPass for Pooh and then went to the Speedway so the kids could try their hand at driving. I had no desire to do this one and it was posting a 20 minute waited so I took Chesney and bought us a Mickey bar. She loved Mickey bars! Of course she drooled chocolate everywhere so I was cold busted when the rest of the family got back but we had fun sharing.

    By the time the family was done with the cars, it was time for our Pooh Fast Pass. I thought the Fast Pass line here moved very slow and that the standby line was actually moving faster, but I could be wrong. We enjoyed the ride, but it wasn’t anyone’s favorite. Since the family had figured out that I’d already had a snack it was time for a Mickey bar break for them. We walked to Toontown but it was packed with people so we just saw a few characters at the Hall of Fame (Minnie and Goofy for Mykiah; Cinderella for Brady) and then went for Buzz Fast Passes.

    While waiting for our Buzz time, we rode the Transit Authority (which Brady thought went too fast) and the Carousel of Progress (which Brady also names as a favorite). I happen to love both of these so I was happy. Buzz was a lot of fun but I found it hard to know where I was aiming. Dan found it even harder, though, so I managed to get the high score in the family. Grandpa came in second, which was a feat because he was also holding a baby and not spinning at all!

    We were all hungry by this time and it was time for our priority seating for Crystal Palace, so we checked in and waited on the verandah for a few minutes before our name was called. We were not pleased with this meal at all. We felt rushed, had trouble getting service, missed Tigger completely and didn’t like the food. We were billed for Chesney (who ate nothing) and had a terrible time getting our server’s attention to point out the error. We wouldn’t do this character meal again.

    Irritated at the waste of money for a meal we didn’t enjoy, my mission now was to get a seat for the Magical Moments parade. We cut through Adventureland and ran smack into Robin Hood characters and Genie. After getting some quick pictures (no time for autographs) we found a spot for the older kids and I to watch the parade. We were in Liberty Square and the kids got picked to rub the lamp during the Aladdin portion. Brady was too shy to go out, so Mykiah went out but mostly looked back at me rather than dancing.

    I still wanted to catch the Country Bears Christmas Show and once again we got there right after a show had started. This time we waited the 20 minutes for a show. I liked the show but sort of missed the regular show. When we went to Disneyland, Mykiah was crazy about the Country Bears and we watched the show 3 times in 3 days but this time she was more into the characters and rides.

    After the Bears, we left the park and went back to the hotel. We did some laundry and ate our free pizza and once again played family bingo. No luck tonight.

    Quotes of the day:

    “Don’t they have FastPass for this?” -- Brady as we faced a 20 minute wait for Country Bears

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    Another great day! I like the quotes from your kids. They are so cute.

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    You guys must be fast to be the first ones on Splash Mountain. :)

    I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your meal at the CP. What time was your ps for?

    All in all this sounds like another wonderful day at the MK. :D

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :)


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    I enjoyed our breakfast at the CP a lot better than our lunch. Thanks for posting!

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