bradley international?


May 5, 2001
i'm flying out of bradley on thurs morning. has anyone been there lately that can tell me how security is? i flew out of there in early december and we were on line for about an hour maybe even longer. i'm flying on delta again and i hope check in will be as fast as it ws the last time but it probably wont be. i really would rather not have a long wait at both. thanks for any info!
Hi Hessie,

We just flew out of BDL on the 20th - 10:25am Delta flight. We got to the airport on the parking shuttle at 8:25, no long lines - lots of people were checking in at the sky cab which went very quickly. For us it seemed everyone in front of us (maybe 7 people) had issues so it took us about 20 minutes to get to the counter. There was no line at the security stations so we went right through. Even after stopping for a quick breakfast we were at the gate waiting by 9:15am. Neither of us were picked for random bag screening though.

I've heard that the lines are longer for the earliest flights (6-8am range) but for mid-morning things went very smoothly. I hope this helps. Have a great trip!

thank you so much for the info. i leave at 7 am. hopefully it wont be too bad. thanks again!
We just used BDL on 1/24 same Delta flight as you at 7:00 am. We arrived at the airport at a little before 5:00 am...we were the only people at the skycap...there were about 30 or more people waiting inside at the line for the counter.

We got in line for security and were sitting by the gate by 5 mins. after 5:00.! It was the best we could have hoped for and all went smoothly.

Have a great trip.

Also, when it's time to come home try to use the skycap at MCO. We dropped off the rental and brought our bags through the check-in area back outside to stand in line for the skycap. It took much less time as the lines inside were VERY LONG!



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