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Earning My Ears
Feb 6, 2000
Has anyone recently done a day at disney and bought a bounceback ticket for the next day? Can you tell me how much this is? Can you only go to the same park or can you switch parks? Thanks

This past Thanksgiving we bought three days using the bounce back pass. I am not sure what the price increase has been but we saved around $5 for our second day. You must purchase the passes the same day and I believe they are good for three days after you purchase them. You can't park hop with these passes. Hope this helped. The best info on bounceback passes I found was on
Straight from Deb Wills site....."One-day - One-park ticket -- Provides one admission to your choice of the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, the Disney-MGM Studios, or Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Valid for admission to one theme park only. $50.88 for adults (includes tax) and $40.28 for children ages 3 to 9 (includes tax) (1/01)
2 Day - 2 Park Pass OR 3 Day - 3 Park - You can only purchase the 2 day and 3 day passes at a WDW ticket window. You can not purchase them over the phone, at a Disney store, or online.

2 Day 2 Park- Adults $96.46 (includes tax) child, $75.26 (includes tax) expires 4 days from *purchase*. (1/01)

3 Day - 3 Park - Adults $136.74 (includes tax) Child, $104.94 (includes tax) (1/01)

Second and Third Day options MUST be bought *at the time of purchase of the first day* OR *before the end of the business day of the date of the first day's purchase* --- NO EXCEPTIONS. If you come back a second day and say you want to upgrade, you cannot. You will be buying a new One Day Ticket at Full Price. NOTE: Guest's NAMES will now be added to One Day/One Park Ticket Media and ID's will be (randomly?) checked. NOTE: Guests will be limited to a purchase of SIX One Day/One Park Tickets at a time. (1/01"

Also note that these tickets expire within four and six days respectively!!!!


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OK, maybe I'm a little dense...but I have a question about all this.

If you buy a bounceback ticket, do you have to go to the same park on both days? Or can you go to Epcot on one day, and MK the second?

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You can go to MK on one day, MGM another, Epcot another etc. or anycombination just no park hopping.


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