Bought Groceries...Room Not Ready.... Now What?


Earning My Ears
Nov 19, 2000
We will be arriving at the ASMo around 1:00pm and we will have stopped along the way to pick up some groceries (some perishable).

It is entirely possible that our room will not be ready. What can we do with these groceries until the room is ready?

Thanks in advance for the input....

Mike in the Maritimes
48 Days and counting....
...they may be able to refrigerate them for you, free.

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Greg K.
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You can leave groceries for cold storage at DVC resorts. I'm not sure about the All Stars since the rooms don't usually have refrigerators they probably don't have many requests for this.

While at the grocery store spend $5 and get a styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice.

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Hi Mike

I noticed that your message said 48 days and counting. Sounds like we're arriving the same day. We are now 47 days and counting.

We have Tiffany's picking us up and have arranged a grocery stop. All the feedback I could find about them seemed so positive. In fact, the only negative I recall reading was that sometimes people didn't receive the grocery stop. We just asked them to fax us all the details so we have it in writing.

For food storage we haven't quite decided. We will either a) take a large cooler and check it as luggage b) have the boys each carrier a smaller cooler as carry on luggage. They can put colouring/activity books, crayons, game boys, etc. in the coolers for the trip and then we'll use them at the hotel for juice, milk, fruit, etc.

I know that for a nominal daily fee, you can have a small refrigerator put in your room at Allstars. Since that is the case, I am sure they would be able to cold storage your groceries until your room is ready. Good Luck & have a great time :D
We arrived at DxL around noon and room wasn't ready until 4:00. They just put our groceries in their refrigerator and delivered them to our room with our luggage later in the day.



When they brought your groceries to your room along with your luggage, did they put the frozen/refrigerated items away or just leave everything in the coolers? or where you already in the room when they knocked on the door?


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It held stored snacks/breakfast food on the there, ice and perishables while we were at WDW, and souveniers on the way home.
When we stayed at CSR we also took a soft sided cooler anticipating we would toss in some ice and the perishables that we picked up on our Tiffany grocery stop until our room was ready. We lucked out though as they had a room ready for us at check-in (1:30). Really no need to pay for fridge, we just placed the cooler on bathtub edge (in case of leaks) and filled zip-lock bags with ice. Worked fine for us, even given the fact that we had an 8 mo. and 3 year old.

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