Booking w/ Costco??


May 29, 2003
Hi there:
I got a price quote from Costco. I am not a member but my brother is. Do you have to officially join or would I be able to book the reservation with his membership???
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Mar 23, 2000
I'm not sure if they would allow that if he's not traveling with you. However, the membership fee is only $45.00. The savings more than makes up for this.


Feb 2, 2004
It is hit or miss about this. I booked through Costco last year through my parent's membership. When I called back to pay off the balance they would ask for my membership number and would not go any furtner without it. Other times it wasn't a problem. I think I booked 6 cabins under my Mom's name.


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Mar 6, 2005
I'm a member of Costco, Sams, Bj's and AAA and still found Dreams Unlimited to be the cheapest for an Eastern trip, category 8 outside porthole stateroom about 2 weeks ago. They were also cheaper for a Varandah quote. Check them out before you book. Costco was next cheapest, but was almost $400 more and that was without insurance (DU quote included insurance).
Good luck


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Sep 4, 2004
Yes they quote over the phone. The number is 1-877-849-2730, be prepared to wait though, they're always busy!!


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Jun 29, 2001
There are so many factors that determine what price a TA will is best to check several TA's for the time you want to cruise because at different times different TA's will have a better price for one reason or another....I don't think anyone can claim to ALWAYS have the lowest price....because so many things factor in, not everyone's savings will be the same.

That being said I booked with DCL for the repo cruise the first day they opened up ressies and then shopped around other TA's for price and found Costco to be the best at that time...saved about $500.00 over DCL.

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