Booking a hotel-which is better?


Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2001
I am confused. Which is better, booking through the hotel, or through a private agency. I have heard that you have less problems if you book directly through the hotel and you are more likely to receive your requests also. We are planning to stay at the HIFS in November and I really want to make the right decision. Any suggestions on the best rate?
We were there in September 2000 and got a rate of 79.00/night. At that time, I never say anyone post a lower rate -- most people were getting it for $89.00/night. I booked through I believe I had to call them for the reservation, rather than booking it online.

I also want to say that my husband and I felt the SUITE was worth twice what we paid! Especially when I compare it to the ROOM we had at Port Orleans for $139.00 two years earlier.

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