bonnet creek info please.

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    My DDs girl scout troop was talking about staying at Nick Hotel but another mom who went there last yr said she doesn't want. Its too run down and too much money for it. So I was thinking if they wanted to do a fun getaway Bonnet Creek would be a good choice.

    1)How would we go about booking with them?
    2)What else is there for the girls to do there? I know about the pools and lazy rivers. Are there splash play areas too?
    3)I read that you can see the fireworks from some rooms how would we get a room to be able to do that?
    4)What is the about cost per room per night?
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    Since I don't see a response, i'll see if I can help answer these questions.

    1. there are numerous commercial renters who you can contact to get a price from. It's much less expensive to go with them than to book directly at the resort. Check out the I Looooove thread for information on some recommended renters.

    2. There are 6 pools, 2 lazy rivers, 2 water slides, 2 water splash areas, a playground, mini golf, and a couple activity centers which have pool tables and video game systems and some other stuff. The Resort also has regularly scheduled activities around the property which you can see on the activity schedule.

    3. Luck of the draw. From an inventory management standpoint, the resort does not differentiate between room views or locations. You can make a request, but there is no guarantee that they will be able to meet the request. so ultimately... It's luck of the draw.

    4. It can depend upon the size of room you want, when you are going, and which commercial renter you go with. Since each renter sets their own prices on what they are renting their points for, there can be a very large difference between quotes. Generally, you can get a 2bdrm in the neighborhood of $100/night
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    Bonnet Creek is great, my son is a Scout (in the UK) and just loves it so I am sure your the girls will too.

    1.I always book with, lots of others to book with and you will see recommendations in the other threads on here.

    2.We stayed here for the first time in the summer last year, and going back in July for 22 nights, cant wait. There was so much going on for the kids. There seem to be a pool part at one of the pools every day and then stuff going on in the evening. Lots of games for families or just kids. My son loves to join in and we were playing all sorts of games like duck hunt (which is exhausting, well if you are over 40 it is) throw the chicken, hoola hoops, quizzes. The guys that organised it all were excellent. There was also bingo several times a week which was free and you could win chocolate bars. They kinda make sure every kid gets something but my son loved it. I just think its a great place to stay, especially if you don't want to spend every waking moment at the parks.

    3.We have stayed in main building a couple of times and you can see fireworks from there. Also if you stay high up but as I am scared of heights we don't do this. Also worry about kids on the balcony but I think there is a room you can go to to watch fireworks even if you don't have a fireworks view yourself.

    4.Depends when you go but we have paid between $100 and $140 a night depending on time of year for a 2 bed deluxe. Theres only 3 of us and whilst I wouldn't want to have 8 adults in that room which is the max, I think a couple of adults and 6 girls would be fine aslong as they are ok with sharing a double bed.

    Hope this helps but please feel free to ask anything else.

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