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    May 3, 2010
    Hello everyone! I am super excited to be less than one month away from our first Halloween Disney vacation.

    As a little girl, my parents took us out of school for two to three weeks every other year around Christmas time. The school hated it but it was awesome. My last trip for a while was when I was 18, and then my parents offered to take my whole family (husband and son) and my brother's family for Christmas year before last. Of course we agreed! My son was 9 months (his cousin was a year) and the babies had the best time! While we were there, Space Mountain was shut down just as we were about to be loaded into the cars at the end of the night. We were so disappointed, but we knew there was always next year.

    Last year, I flew down with my son (then almost 2) to meet my parents...husband couldn't go due to a last-minute employment change. I held out on Space Mountain so we could ride together.

    This year, we'd been planning on going for Halloween but due to some last minute health issues with my mom (she's on dialysis and has always dialyzed in the room but now needs to use a clinic), we were a little worried about going. Fortunately, she will get to go into town to a clinic and the trip is still on. I am very excited because my last two trips were very short (four to five days), whereas this will be a proper 9-day vacation!

    Hilariously, when we thought we might not be going, I got pregnant, which means my husband can ride Space Mountain but not me! Will he hold out for me? Only time will tell...

    This is my family on our first trip:


    The boy and his "Daddo" on their first visit (in the Tree of Life).


    More recent.

    We will also be joining my mom and dad, who will drive all the way to Florida in their super posh RV (their trip will be over three weeks to our 9).

    This year, I plan on recording a vlog of our trip to share our experience on our blog (

    We will be leaving by plane and arriving on Oct. 24th.

    My parents will have our belongings ready for us at All Star Movies, so we can go right to Hollywood Studios.

    We'll eat dinner at the 50s Prime Time Cafe that night.

    On Monday, we'll go to MK and enjoy character lunch at Crystal Palace.

    The next day we'll be at Islands of Adventure, with lunch at Three Broomsticks (super excited Potterhead!!)

    That night we'll shop at Downtown Disney.

    Wednesday will be EPCOT day; we'll eat at San Angel Inn. The Village People are playing that night, which I think will be fun but my DH doesn't. That night, we are thinking about going to see Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation at Hard Rock Live.

    Universal Studios is slated for the next day.

    After that we'll do Animal Kingdom (Friday). We will eat at Tusker House.

    The next day we will go to the beach and check out some more shopping and trick or treating at DTD. We'll be in costume! Dinner at T-Rex.

    Sunday will be Blizzard Beach day and the MNSSHP for Halloween. I know it will be a circus, but we ready for it.

    Monday we'll head back to HS and hopefully turn in a little early.

    Tuesday we'll have lunch at Rainforest Cafe at DTD and last minute shopathon before we head back to the real world.

    We are planning on decorating our hotel room windows, keeping a vlog for our website (, and wearing costumes as often as we can.


    Ride as many rides as a prego can
    Muppetvision at least twice

    Must buy:

    *Soaps at Basin (DTD) (discussed at
    *Mouse ears for new baby like the ones we made for brother seen here:


    and here


    *A luminous but non-alcoholic beverage:


    Must ride:

    *Toy Story Mania (husband has never ridden it and will flip...son adores it!)


    That's all for now as I chase my son and his cousin around the room! I will post more as the day approaches.
  2. bonnaroomama

    bonnaroomama Mouseketeer

    May 3, 2010
    We packed all our luggage and shipped it out with my parents, who are leaving today if all goes as planned. I am very excited. We did pack plenty of goodies to decorate our window and room. Our son is going to flip out...although he has been to Disney twice, he doesn't remember it, and he really doesn't have a good concept of time yet, so I think he thinks the baby and Mickey Mouse are just silly stories I am telling him. He is very excited, but he will really flip out when he can ride the plane and actually understand that We Are Riding On Jay-Jay To See Mickey Mouse!

    I have no idea why I capitalized that; it just felt right. :banana:

    I also made a really cute little art journal/scrapbook for our trip, Disney/Halloween-themed of course. It's just a fun little place for me to write poems and journals, stash ephemera, etc. I will post pics eventually.

    I want to add that the reason my family goes to Disney year after year is because there is something for everyone and the CMs do really strive to take such great care of all of their guests. Last year, for example, I ran out of a medication and they had it delivered to the Magic Kingdom from a pharmacy in town. How amazing is that?

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