Bluto's rehab


Man of Mystery
Nov 19, 1999
Just as information - Bluto's is scheduled for a short rehab and will be closed from January 28th to February 8th.

Subject to change, of course, but that's the schedule for now.
When I rode that the last time, I cut a gash in the top of my left foot on the ride. There is sharp metal down there somewhere. I had on sandels. Has there been other problems like that?
Good News!

Just yesterday it was decided to CANCEL the annual rehab and closing of Popeye and Bluto's. Lot's of factors weighed in as to why the rehab was cancelled.

But, Popeye and Bluto's will remain open and will not be closing for any extended period this Spring. If anything, just a few late openings some days - but it WILL be operational every day!


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