Blue Bayou to begin selling alcohol


Jan 23, 2020
I’m indifferent about it. I’m not opposed to alcohol being served in DL at all and like that there are so many options at DCA. However, I likely won’t spend the time and money to eat at BB just for a cocktail. I usually take a midday break at the GC lobby, Trader Sams, or one of the DTD restaurants for appetizers and drinks already.


Earning My Ears
Apr 16, 2021
The lack of alcohol is certainly a deciding factor when choosing between Carthay and BB for me. In fact, I have only been to BB once in 20 years, and that was not planned by me. I always think about heading back while cruising past it, but I never quite get motivated to actually follow through. Overpriced or not, it would probably still be cheaper for me than a trip to Trader Sam's. I will definitely be making a long-overdue return visit on my next opportunity specifically to try out the drinks (which I suspect I will be needing more than usual on my next visit).


Feb 11, 2013
I've never been to WDW, so I have no comment on that. However, the one and only time I saw a group of obviously sloshed adults was in line for Pirates when DL was dry. Never in DCA, or DTD despite seeing many people with a drink in their hand. Frankly, it was alarming, and when I mentioned it to a CM, all they did was separate my family from that group. While relieved, I would have thought a group like that would have been stopped before potentially causing a problem on the ride. In any case, I have no problem w/ finally being able to have a decent drink in BB.

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