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Earning My Ears
Feb 20, 2000
We will be visiting Disney over my husband's birthday. Any suggestions?

Me too! And we are both from Nashua... very weird. When is your husband's birthday? Mine's is April 26th.

I'll take any suggestions too!


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When you get there, go to City Hall in the MK, I think, and tell them it's you husbands b-day. They will ask for some id from him, and possibly other things(not done it personally, but heard they are strict about this). Then when all is said and done, they will give you a button, and this buttom will allow you head of line privilages all day. A friend of mine did this and she said that she never had to wait in line. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Plan (and get PS for) a romantic dinner. Wherever you make PS for dinner, try telling them then that it's for his bd.

Also, tell every character you come across. I'm absolutely Mickey and all his friends would want to know that one of their guests was having a birthday so they could help celebrate.

Be extra special nice to him that day and let him pick the itinerary for that day.

Half way through the day and (or at least) at the end of the day, give him a foot rub--his feet will thank you and when your feet feel good, the rest of you does, too.


Thanks for all the great ideas! His actual birthday is May 1 (unfortunately that is the day we leave).

The Disney Institute offers various interesting day courses that your hubby might enjoy. Last trip, my husband and daughter took an animation class that they really enjoyed!

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