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Feb 25, 2001
We are going to WDW Florida in March and while we are there my son will be celebrating his 5th B-Day! We would like to do something special in Disney on his B-Day and were hoping to collect some input on their experiences with children B-Day events and celebrations. It will just be our immediate family (qty 4) so group events are out.

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I've heard of a couple of different options for your son's birthday. You could plan a birthday cruise from one of the WDW resorts. This is on a pontoon and I believe they provide a cake and some decorations. There is information on this on this site. Another thing you might do is call your resort and see if they can direct you to where you can order a cake sent to your room. Maybe one parent could take him out on a walk around the resort and the other could decorate the room with streamers and balloons. If you stop by the Town Hall in the MK you can pick up and "It's my Birthday" badge for him. This will probably get him some extra attention from some of the CMs.
We (DH, myself, DS 6 and DD)were at WDW in August for my daughter's 4th birthday. Our first night there we had dinner at Chef Mickey's - I ordered a cake in advance. The cake was about $15 and was very good and really nicely decorated. The characters came and sang Happy Birthday. The next day was her actually b-day. We picked up a b-day badge and had breakfast at the Crystal Palace. It was fabulous. Pooh and friends came to the table with a cupcake and candle, sang to her and presented her with a card signed by all the characters. She treasures it. Have fun!
We celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday in WDW in October. We had a fireworks birthday cruise. For a modest $, the pontoon captain took us for a cruise on the boat around the lake and into Epcot to watch the fireworks. After the fireworks, we had cake, soda and my daughter opened her gifts in the lagoon at Epcot. The pontoon boat was decorated with balloons and some streamers. The cake was wonderful and included in the cost of the cruise. It wasn't very easy to get reservations for the cruise. I got up very early for a few days trying to get one. However, it was very worth it. Our family was overwhelmed with the view of the fireworks!!! It was very special.
We celebrated both of my daughters' birthdays last June. For my younger daughter, we went to Cindy's for breakfast. On our way in we picked up a birthday button at city hall. She got a card signed by the characters and a huge cupcake. The rest of the day cast members told her happy birthday. My older daughter celebrated her birthday at Crystal Palace. Again we had the birthday button and she got the card and the huge cupcake. We later went to see Ariel and she wrote happy birthday in my daughter's book. Needless to say it was a memorable way to spend a birthday.
By the way my daughters were turning 7 and 9.


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We just celebrated my daughter's 15th birthday last week. I decorated her door to the room after she fell asleep, she was very surprised the next morn.

We also got a cake at Chef Mickey's, and I had made her a tee shirt that said Happy 15th Stephanie. She carried it around all week and had characters sign it!It's now hanging in her room!

We did get her a birthday button, but being 15, she was in a teenager mood and wouldn't wear it. She didn't want too much attention.So we just didn't make too big a deal out of it.

We celebrated our son's 11th bday with a combination of our own ideas and tips from this board - decorated our room, birthday badge.

We made him a bday tshirt with photos of him throughout his life his favorite things - Donald Duck, basketball, etc. He wore the shirt (it took a little convincing at his advanced age) all day and everywhere he went someone stopped him, wished him a happy bday, broke out in song, bugs buzzed at him in Animal Kingdom and all of them gave him a small wrapped gift. All the gifts were part of a monopoly game and it took him all day to figure it out.

During the day one of us ran ahead of our group and asked different CMs and characters and the band at Caribbean Beach to give him the gifts. It was so much fun watching his face. Breakfast at Donald's Breakfastosauros - Donald slipped him the first gift - a Donald pin.

He really loved that shirt!!

Our daughter turned 9 the following year and since Pooh is her favorite we took her to Wilderness Lodge. She also had a bday shirt and a matching one for her best friend doll. The characters were awesome - her doll's shirt was wrapped and Pooh helped her open it and dress her doll. You should have seen her face - she was in heaven.

We brought a Pooh flag and a sharpie marker and Pooh and friends all wrote Happy Birthday messages on her flag.

My best advice - have it at least a little planned before you go so you're not disappointed. Some people have such great bday stories and others sometimes feel slighted. If you do something to make it happen anything else that does happen is extra special :

we also celebrated our DD 5th birthday at Disney. We did all of the above plus I called the front desk and told them it was her birthday and they sent to her room 5 Mickey Balloons and a signed picture of Arial! She was in Heaven. The one mistake we made was having dinner at the Villian meal. We loved it but they didn't make as much of a fuss as I think the other places would have. So next time I think we would go to Chef Mickey



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