Birthday and Wedding Anniversary

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    mcj79 Spring time trip to Disney!

    Feb 15, 2013
    We are planning a trip to Disney World this spring April/May. This will be my wife's first trip and mine in nearly 20 years.
    ( Trip Info: Caribbean Resort, preferred room (not sure if we can get a king or if they are all doubles its unclear on website.) We are planning on 5 days in the Disney Parks, a resort/downtown day and a Universal/ Harry Potter Day

    The trip to is partly to celebrate my wife's Birthday and our Anniversary. We will actually be there the week of her birthday but a few weeks before our actual wedding anniversary. I'm not sure if the dates matter to Disney or if they just take your word for it and help you celebrate.

    I had them note my wife's 'Birthday' & 'First Time' when I made the reservation. I was told that extra 'Magic' sometimes happens for those that have the 'special celebration buttons'. Other then a special treat at meals... has anyone had other 'special magic' happen for Birthdays, First Visits or Anniversary??

    I'm not sure about having them note our Anniversary or how it would be handled with the staff. I'm not sure what extras could happen or dealing with other guests in the parks. (Or how many buttons we really want to wear around.) Also, I think the Anniversary buttons have Mickey & Minnie Mouse together. And well we are two 'Minnie Mouses' I would feel odd with a Mickey/Minnie button. Anyone have impute?

    We live in the NE and generally being LBGT is a none issue or at least people tend live and let live. But growing up in the midwest I still tend to be more aware of negative vibes & situations. Of course a guest spending good money in the parks I expect nothing but positively 'Magical' treatment from the Disney Staff.

    So, what do you think?

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