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Sep 15, 1999
I get a quote of $309 including all taxes from Hotwire. Can I play the game of subtracting all taxes then subtract $50 and submit the price to priceline, use their bonus money and see if it goes through? FYI - Published fares are $715+. Sorry this isn't for a trip to Disney...that's all set. This is from LGA - BZN. Thanks to all the DISers maybe I'll be able to see Mickey & ski all in the same year!!!
The only difference is that you don't know what flights that you will get from priceline!

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You can do that, but it's still possible that you will bid more than you have to. As far as subtracting taxes, passenger facility charges, segment fees and a $5.95 processing fee are added by Priceline to your bid amount on domestic itineraries. U.S. taxes are included in your bid amount, so it's not as simple as subtracting all of the taxes. I have run through Hotwire more than 200 winning Priceline bids. In all but 3 cases, Priceline beat Hotwire, and in the majority of those cases, Priceline beat Hotwire by more than $50 even after Priceline added all fees. In some cases, Priceline has beaten Hotwire by several hundred dollars. I think you will be interested to read my comments as well as those of others at ingairfares.showMessage?topicID=12.topic

I am happy to help you bid for your trip through Priceline. If you provide *all* of the information requested in the Airline Tickets FAQ at the board I host to discuss bidding, and post it to the Bidding Related Questions category, I will give you a complete bidding strategy that will allow numerous re-bids without you having to change your airports.

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You know absolutely nothing about the itinerary that you will get through Hotwire until you have paid for it. That aspect of Hotwire is no different from Priceline.

Thank you for all your quick responses. TravelSheryl I would love to use your sight and I am preparing all the necessary information...
Just as a comparison-

I looked at what I could get from Boston or Providence RI to MCO. The cheapest right now was about $250 roundtrip pluss you have to add the taxes. I bid $131 and got Midway airlines. I have one stop in each direction (one I switch planes and one I just wait). With taxes and fees I will pay $150.85. Basically I saved about about $100. I did use the bonus money of $50. I always staart about $125 under what is listed.


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