Best World Showcase restaurant for a picky 8 year old boy?


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Aug 11, 2000
This kid does not like rice, salad, most veggies or any potatoes besides french fries. However, he does love any kind of meat, pasta or fruit. Since I don't force DS to eat foods he doesn't like while on vacation, I have been considering Rose & Crown or Alfredos. Has anyone taken their kids to these and did the family enjoy the meal? Or should I go to one of the other restaurants and just rely on the kid's menu? I was thinking of introducing him to another cuisine too so what about Morocco? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

I would appreciate any opinions. Thanks!

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We went to Alfredo's with my 4 yr old and very picky almost 3yr old. They both love pasta, so it was a good choice. The food was very good, so they ate well. They do have a kids menu (if I remember correctly), so there should be something he likes.
have you looked at the menus at ?
Boy am I lucky me kids will eat almost anything. They really like Biergarten but not aukershu (sp?). Maybe the Garden Grill would be a good choice (not world showcase but in the land pavilion)

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If you want to introduce him to something new perhaps try Teppanyaki in Japan. He could get just plain chicken, or beef. They do serve rice and veggies but they don't force you to eat them! Actually I'm not big on most vegetables but at Teppanyaki they are very good. And the chef cooks at your table so its entertaining too.

Or you could let him try the chicken skewer things at the Yakitori House.....yum.

Most places serve very typical kids meal stuff so I wouldn't worry about him not having anything to eat at any of the restaurants....look at the menus and eat where you think sounds good!


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Thanks for the advice. I have looked at the menus at wdwig but it's still kind of hard to figure out these picky kids. For example, I love Akershus but I would never take DS there. I was kind of hoping to let him try something different so Alfredo's may be it! :)

Thanks again.

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I'm going to second the suggestion for Japan - especially if he likes meat. Plus who knows, he might be inspired to try the vegetables when they are cooked right in front of him!
Be glad yours eats pasta. My son eats pizza, corn dogs, hot dogs w/o buns, french fries, panut butter & jelly, popcorn shrimp....and very little of anything else. He gags when he taste soemthing that he doesn't like and even though I am over 30, I gag very easily, too. So, on vacation I don't push it but it limits the choices :)


This post just reminded me of when I took my niece (who was about 4 at the time) to Disney - she was very picky - really the only thing she ate was chicken strips and a baked potato (but with no cheese - she didn't like 'yellow' cheese, only 'white' cheese). That and ice cream bars was her menu that entire week.
I can't believe it but you are describing the eating habits of my 8 year old son exactly!! It is such a struggle for us to find a restaurant that will offer at least something he likes. You hate to pay for a meal that he picks at or doesn't eat at all. We find that restaurants with a buffet work best so that he has some variety. Surely out of 50+ items he'll find something, right?? We love Chef Mickey's for that reason. But at World Showcase, I doubt my son will eat anything. If you find something that works, please post your success. We'll be there in June.

I'm pretty sure all of the restaurants have children's menus which usually have chicken fingers, pizzas, burgers, etc.
I have a picky 8 yo daughter who has similar likes and dislikes except that she doesn't like meat other than chicken and hamburgers. Vegetables are only ok if they are fresh and she can dip them in something.

That said, she loved Alfredos last year. The atmosphere was pleasant for her and her then 4-yo brother and the staff couldn't have been any better with them as well.


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