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Dec 17, 1999
Anyone been to good value seafood restaurant offsite. I've read about the Boston one on other threads; any other recommendations? Thanks
Can you please be more specific. By value do you mean you want to eat as much for as little as possible, or are you talking about high quality food that is well worth the price you paid, even if they cost an arm and a leg. Also, what is the target amount you have in mind?
how about for high quality and a low cost meal plus there have to be choses of chicken or beef on the menu too. Any of these kind of eatries????


I don't know about value... but The Crab House has the best Dungeness Crab... We go on every visit because we don't have one locally. They have a website. You could probably find it in a search.
Yuuuuukkkky,I want something that doesn't taste of dirt!!

Like King snow crab legs,like shrimp,I want a plate of really good scallops in white wine sauce[cooked all the way through]with toasted seasoned bread crumbstopping it.

for less than $8.00 a plate

Anything like that?????

I've heard that there is a great "all-you-can-eat" type seafood buffet somewhere in the area right outside WDW -- would anyone know which place that might be?


I have not tried it, but there have been many positive posts about the seafood buffet at the Holiday Inn Nikki Bird. The Nikki Bird is located just west of of the 192 entrance. I believe the Buffet includes lobster and was running $19.99 last year.

I hope this Helps,

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The food at the Boston Lobster Feast was WONDERFUL.I would recommend this place to everyone .It is all you can eat and they had a HUGE variety of seafood and cooking methods as well as other meats.They also have a regular menu where you can choose items off of it.Kids also can order the standard kid things in case they do not like seafood.It truly was really good food.They have a website to go to that lists all the food they have as well as directions and there are even coupons for free beverages.I think the buffet price was around 25 to 29 per person but it was worth it.My husband ate and ate and ate so they did not make any money off of him!!!!Check this place out.
I would not recommend the Cape May Cafe at Disney.We also went there and they were constantly out of food and it was cold some of the time.Some of the food was o.k. but it was still not up to Disney standards in my opinion.They also had a lot of really bland tasteless food.They did have a nice dessert selection that was good but for the monet I will never eat there again.

I strongly disagree with your assessment of Cape May Cafe. This is one of the best places to eat at DisneyWorld and in Orlando for buffet food. The quality of the food and cleanliness of the restaurant is great. They do not have lobster.
We were not very impressed with Boston Lobsterfeast. The service was terrible and the cleanliness of the place left something to be desired. I found much of the food bland and the presentation was not great. Cape May has excellent clams, flank steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, sausages, mussels, and other seafood, an excellent salad bar and a dessert bar that far exceeds the carrot and cheesecake at BostonLobsterfeast.
$29.00 on a buffet??????? GEE,I hate paying the 9.00 per person for buffet dinners here!!!

We ate a Landry's Seafood House(407-827-6466 Offering Free Hotel Shuttle) last year the food was very good. This is a seafood restaurant they also had steak and chicken. Being from South Louisiana, it hard to find seafood that taste like home when were on vacation. I give this place 4 stars.
This what we had: (Actual Bill)
Shrimp and Scallops 13.99
Fried Shrimp Dinner 12.99
Child's Popcorn Shrimp 4.99 w/drink there were 24 shrimp on my daughters plates
Child's Macaroni 2.99 w/drink for son
Side French Fries 1.25 for son
2- Iced Tea's 3.50
Total 42.09

We will be eating there next week.

Hope this helps.

Mary Poppins
I like Shells which is East on Hwy 192 (past the Wallmart Super(slow)center. It has good food at reasonable prices. Tuesday is lobster night.

Shells Seafood

-- Robin
Amen to Shell's. Our family always heads there for snow crab...relaxed atmosphere, cold beer, and all the salted in the shell peanuts you can eat...1 1/2 lbs. of snow crab about 16 to 18 bucks...enjoy..Ted


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