Best Trip Ever


Earning My Ears
Apr 28, 2001
:( Day One started off with a visit to Universal Studios. May I say that this park has THE most beautiful buildings in the orlando parks. Unfortunately, I must say that this park was somewhat disapointing. Men in Black (terrible ride) was a bust and we ran out of things to do at about 3. Thankgod that citiwalk is there otherwise we'd have been leaving by 4. Hilights of the day included Back to the Future, Twister and the Wild Wild West Stunt Show as well as the Hard Rock Cafe. AWESOME place to eat. Rate this one a "B".

:D Day Two was spent at Epcot. After spending the day at Universal we realized that nobody does it like Disney. The gardens were absolutely beautiful and the rides were entertaining. The pleasant surprises included The Land Pavilion with its great food, cool atmosphere and the Living with the Land ride, the Universe of Energy which is a fantastic way to relieve your feet, the thrilling Test Track, the fantastic Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, the Mexico and Norway pavillions with their great atmospheres and boat rides and Illuminations. The largest problem we had was what we came to call the "Epcot Effect". YOUR FEET WILL HURT HERE! TOO MUCH WALKING! Each step was like poking a wound. We were dissapointed by the incredibly boring and badly done Living Seas, the pathetic Wonders of Life Pavilion climaxing with the badly out-of-date Body Wars, my home-country Canada's pavilion with its stereotypical film, Innoventions and the lack of padded walkways on the World Showcase Promenade. I MISS THE CORK FLOORING at tommorowland in Disneyland. Rate this an "A-".

:bounce: YES YES! Day Three is the MAGIC KINGDOM! Day three re-enforced my belief that the "disneylands" are the best parks in the world. To my dismay, California's Indiana Jones ride was absent but the increase in quality at Splash Mountain made up for it. Splash Mountain, what a fantastic ride it is. Best ride anywhere, anyplace. If Walt was alive he'd be proud of his company for this one. Those poor suckers who don't like Fastpass.......We went on this one 4 TIMES without waiting once. Other hilights included the Main Street Electrical Parade, my second favorite ride the Pirates of the Carribean, It's a Small World, the toontown area in the back (I love the Barnstormer for some twisted reason), and the Timekeeper. Disapointments included the all too slow Big Thunder Mountain, the slow Liberty Belle, the lack of music on Space Mountain and the MEGA-TERRIBLE RIDE BY THE NAME OF ALIEN ENCOUNTER! I hate this "ride". Tear the sucker down. Rate this one an "A+".

;) Day Four was spent at Disney-MGM Studios. I liked this park a bit more than I thought I would. Only problem was that the Epcot Effect was still running strong. Hilights here included surprisingly fun Star Tours, Muppet Vision, Catastrophe Canyon on the tram, Rock n Roll Coaster and the terrifying Tower of Terror. We also witnessed the mother of all pyrotechnic shows: FANTASMIC! Aptly named because that is what it is, Fantastic. Low points included the all too boring Great Movie Ride, the Beauty and the Beast show being closed, Backstage Pass, the Millionare fanatics who yelled at us when I said that the new Millionare thing was absolutely stupid and the Indiana Jones stunt show. This one rates an "A-".

:cool: Day Five was the day when we spent the day at the ALL TOO COOL Animal Kingdom. This place has an atmosphere only topped by the magic kingdom. I love this park. It's a really nice break to be in some real plants rather than the concrete jungle that was epcot and the studios. Best surprise was the Rainforest Cafe. If you have a chance, eat there. It's awesome. Even better than the Hard Rock at Universal. All the parks should have a big restaurant added on like these two parks. Other positives included It's Tough to be a bug, the too short Kali River Rapids, the thrilling Dinosaur and the safari. I enjoyed the bird show mighty well too. The only problem with this park is the lack of rides. If they throw in 7 or 8 more good attractions then they'll really have something. Rate this one an "A". We used our hopper passes to spend the rest of the day at the Magic Kingdom.

:mad: Day Six was spent at Sea World. I had imagined Sea World to be on par with Universal and Disney but sadly, I was mistaken. I thought they might have gotten something really going with the additions of Journey to Atlantis and Kraken but they went the cheesy route and forgot to make them emersive and elaborate experiences. I'm sorry but Atlantis just plain sucked. They had so much to work with but blew it. The waterski show was a pathetic bombardment of buzz words and bad tricks. The only highlights were the first drop on kraken, shamu, clyde and seamore. Great shows but they only take up about an hour in total. We left early in great disapointment. This park lacks the finesse of Disney and Universal. I probably won't come back again. Kids were butting in front of us in line as the staff was terrible. Rate this one a "C-".

All in all it was a great trip. Hope you found reading this as entertaining as when I was writing it.:p
Thanks for posting, sounded great (and tiring).
What a wonderful trip! Your excitement shines through in your trip reports.

Thanks, so much, for taking the time to post this. I had a lot of fun reading about your trip.



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