Best rate for full-sie rental car?


Jan 10, 2001
I'm pricing cars for November 10-18, 2001. I just booked Dollar with no codes or discounts for 117.99 for a week and 26.55 for a extra day for a total of about $189 for 8 days including all of the taxes. This sounded really good to me. Last month the best I could get was about $270 total for 8 days. Has anyone else done better? Also just to double check, Dollar is in the terminal right? BTW, I don't want to do priceline or hotwire because I really want an in-terminal company.
I have never gone to WDW during that time (have always gone in Aug.) but it seems that the price you have now will be really tough to beat. I have been looking at prices too for my proposed summer trip and it really does seem that on average Dollar has the best weekly cost of all the companies whether inside or outside the terminal.

Another thing that also might give you a discount is if you are a member of AAA; I heard that this sometimes knock a couple of dollars off too. However, if you are not satisfied, you can definitely keep checking back between now and then with Dollar as well as other interminal rentals to see if anyone is offering anything cheaper.

Then if so, you can always cancel your current reservations and make a new one. Also, Dollar is located inside the airport terminal; I used them last year.
I think the price you got is terrific. We are going in August and the best price I seem to be getting is $147.99 for a mid-size car. How did you figure all the taxes. I know it seems to be another $100 each time we go but I am not real sure of the full breakdown of the taxes. Also has anyone ever used the fast lane ? I am assuming that the fast lane will get us to our car and out much quicker than standing in line to check out. Does this add the time for checkout on at the end of the vacation?
Where did you get your low rate from dollar? You can e-mail me or reply here. Thanks.
When I entered dats of 11/10 to 11/17, I got the 143.99 rate no codes. When I entered in 11/10 to 11/18 I got 117.99 for the week and 25.66 for the extra day also no codes. Since we know we will be turning in the car late on 11/17 or possibly keeping it until 11/18 (haven't booked flights yet), I know we will be charged for 8 days. I called and confirmed that indeed the weekly rate was less when you added an extra day. Go figure. She said it is not a problem to return the car earlier than 11/18.

Does that make sense??


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