Best place to buy Escape tickets?


Jan 6, 2001
Where is the best place to purchase multi-day Universal Escape tickets? We're planning on 3 days at USF/IOA in mid May and it looks cheaper to book the HRH separate from the tickets ($117.50/nite with Entertainment discount!). I've seen travel packages offering 2 day Escape passes with the 3rd day free. Is that available to purchase by itself? Any online ticket outlets to avoid?
You can order them off the Universal website ( and get $5 off each multiday ticket. You can also use TicketRES on this site and get them delievered to your hotel room. Another way to get discounted tickets is through other ticket brokers. I've used in the past and I've had no troubles with them. If you have an Entertainment book, you can find a coupon for $5-$7 in script bucks when you purchase a 2 or 3 day pass.


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Presently offers the cheapest tickets for Multi-Day passes. And they have a free shipping special. If you use TicketRes you pay 1 dollar more for ticket but also pay shipping. If you use Entertainment you pay regular admission but get $7.00 off per ticket. I have Entertainment but the savings id best presently through Ticketmania
The entertainment coupon I have is for $l0. off 3 day pass. Is the gate price for 3 day still $ll6.?

We will also be at HRH in may and I have asked myself this same question.I noticed the price on the 3 day did not go up with the price increase. So the ticket is still $105.00 my entertainment book offers $10.00 in script bucks so I am going to wait till we get there to purchase my ticket. HRH is an easy stroll and I can get them the day before. :cool:

Mom of teens
can you buy 3 day passes at the park entrance and get $10 back (with entertainment coupon?) Or is there a specific place you have to purchase these tickets? I guess one coupon is good for up to six people so you would get $60 dollars back if you purchased 6 3 day passes?


It looks like the ticket counter at the park is the only place to get Universal script with the Entertainment coupon. You won't get "cash" back - but "script" to be used for food and merchandise in the parks.


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