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Jul 10, 2000
Where on the web is the best place to purchase park hopper passes in advance? I've seen several sites that promise the lowest prices (because they buy in bulk, you see), and I wondered if they were safe to buy from. I'd hate to have purchased nonexistant tickets, especially when the tickets are supposed to be delivered to your hotel (No, Pete, I'm not worried about Dreams Unlimited but another site).
I'm especially interested to know if there are ticket sellers I should stay away from.
Thanks ;)

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I have looked for the very best deal on a 5 day hopper and the best price I have found was with AAA club.
Of course you could always click the DISCOUNT TICKETS link at the top of this page, and help support the DIS :). Also, you can rest a little more comfortably knowing that I've checked out the company providing our tickets, and they are 100% legit.


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Was told by Mid-Atlantic AAA in my area that they have 4-Day Hoppers at 184.40 but the price was to go up. We're going in April. What happens if we buy these AAA passes and then the rate goes up? Will Disney still honor them?
Welcome to the DIS!!! If you buy your passes now you are being a WISE CONSUMER. Disney honors ANY pass that you buy no matter WHEN you buy it. So you are saving yourself some money by purchasing your passes at the AAA before your trip.
Hope that this helps to save you a few $$$! :)

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We just purchased our WDW tickets from the Disney Store. You will receive a discount if you have The Disney Club Card (Magic Kingdom Card). Hope this helps you.


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The tickets already went up at my local AAA. How can I get in touch with the Mid-Atlantic AAA?

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If you know anyone who is a member of RCI, (timeshare exchange co), they can purchase them at a great rate for you...with no taxes and free overnight shipping. I got Universal 3 day escape pass from them for $91 total. (Reg price $105 + S&H + tax)

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