Best onsite resorts for family w/ a 3 yr old??


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Feb 21, 2000
Hello! I just found this board, and I am SO thankful for it. I've been reading and reading for hours, and have just now worked up my nerve to do my first post! LOL

I am planning a trip with my dh and ds (age almost three)for mid-May. I have heard lots of good things about the HIFS, but I think we'd like to stay onsite. My question is, can anyone share what they think are the resorts with the best pools, playground, etc for a three year old?

I'm sorry if this has already been addressed ... I greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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If your 3 year old is anything like my son who is almost 3 then he will love the All Star Movies Resort. Picking a resort has many factors involved and only you can choose which one is best for your family :) . I really like the All Star Resorts because if there "value" price and my kids like them because of the larger than life themes. My son is a huge Toy Story fan and we stayed in the Toy Story section of All Star Movies and January and he begs to go back on a regular basis :D
Most people spend little time in their resort except to take a break and sleep. The pools at All Stars are nice (no water slide) and we had excellant luck with the buses. The food court has a nice variety of foods.
My husband & I are going in a few weeks without the kids :eek: and trying out a moderate resort - Port Orleans Riverside. The moderates offer a little more and a slighter bigger price. I'm sure the wonderful folks here will give you lots of suggestion.
Have fun planning your trip :)


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I agree that the AS is a great pick for kids-
what kid wouldn't be in heaven?? We just returned from PO-Riverside. We took our 4 y.o.dd
and 2 y.o. ds, and they loved it!! The pool at
Ole Man Island is a lot of fun, with a slide. etc.
and they really liked the playground there. It has lots of climbing apparatus, slides, etc. Last year we stayed at PO-French Quarter, and the pool there is awesome for kids with a dragon slide. I'm sure any choice you make will be great! Have fun!! :D


All Star Movies!! We stayed at the Toy Story bldg cause it is my son's favorite movie. My son was then 3 and daughter was 19 mo old. This resort is great for young kids! The atmosphere is very disney! Your family will enjoy this resort. Have fun!


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