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Mar 1, 2001
Just wondering if anyone had tips on the best locations to view the parades and firework displays around WDW. I have been there before and my family always stood near the Castle around the hub of MK to view both the afternoon and electrical parades. I have also heard Liberty Square is a good place. Any suggestions? Unfortunately we will be visiting in June and from what I understand will not be able to see a parade at MGM as the Mulan one will be shut down by that time with nothing to replace it <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif" alt="red face">(

Also I am looking for some of the better spots in the parks to view:
the fireworks at MK
Fantasmic at MGM
Illuminations at EC

I have also not been there since they have begun the Tapestry of this still going on and are there better places that others to view this? Thanks for any suggestions!
Why not go to the observation deck at the COntemporary? You get a beautiful view of MK at night and the fireworks. Plus, there is no crowd!

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Thanks for the tip, maybe I'll try that.....also thought about the Poly beach......what about Fantasmic at MGM? Where are the best spots to view that and how early do you have to be to get a good spot?
Fantasmic is a show in a theatre like area. It holds about a million people (I know not that many but it seems like it). Get there an hour or so before the showtime listed in your park guide for best seating. It's definitely worth the wait! As far as I can tell, the only bad seats are the ones that are the furthest from the exit, you'll have a long wait or be jostled with the crowd as it exits.
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We caught the main street electrical parade from in front of the liberty bell outside the liberty tree tavern. Now heres the real tip: after the parade, resist the urge to move over for a view of the castle. From that angle, you want to stay in front of the bell. We had walked over to see the castle only to realize once they astarted that they werent over the castle but behind it, so we ended up running back to the bell for a great view.
MK fireworks - in foont of the castle a little way back and slightly to the right as you look at the castle. Great view of both the fireworks and Tinkerbell's flight.

MSEP - Liberty Square by the snack shop as you enter from the Castle side.

Illuminations and Tapestry of Nations - Just to the right of the Germany boat dock as you look towards the lake. You get a great view of the 8.10 parade (two sections) and then just turn around and watch Illuminations after a short wait. You can even see the MK fireworks from here if they happen to be on around that time. Wherever you watch Illuminations from ,be sure you have a clear view of both the sky and the centre of the lake. Oh, and check the wind direction first to make sure you won't get the smoke from the fireworks blowing towards you.

Fantasmic - Any seat is fine. If the park is really busy that day then get there really, really early. If there are two shows, go to the later one as that will be much less busy. Also, sit well back if you don't want to feel a little spray from the water screens
A neat spot for a different perspective of the MK fireworks is in Mickey's Toontown. Ask a CM where the best place to sit/stand is and you will be closer to the fireworks than anywhere else in the park. It was relatively uncrowded there when we tried this last summer. The only drawback is that the music isn't as loud in this section of the park. Dinah

Several times we have gone to the second floor of the train station. You get a great view of the MSEP as it travels along Main St. It's also fun to watch the fireworks over Cinderella'a castle from there as well. The second floor certainly gives a different perspective as opposed to standing shoulder to shoulder along Main St. Best of all, if you get there early there are benches where you can sit. It's also convienent to exit the park. :cool:

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My girlfriend and I had a good/partially obstructed view of the fireworks by walking down the exit line from the Mike Fink Keel Boats in Frontierland (the exit is right by the exit from Big Thunder Mtn RR). We saw them through the trees. It wasn't a clear view, but we could easily see the fireworks. It's good viewing from the observation area of BTMRR, too. on the deck near the geyser.


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