Best Burgers?


Sep 15, 1999
We'll be staying near DD. Looking for a burger place that cooks to order with fresh ingredients (not McD's). Is there an off-site place that is like Beaches & Cream? Have you ever been to in-n-out in CA, yum!?? Also, do you have a menu link?
I can't remember the name, but one place outside of WDW property has 65 different types of burgers. I think it's called Jungle Jim's.

Best places I've had burgers:
Mythos in IOA
Burger Digs in IOA
Compass Rose Restaurant in Fantasy of Flight

I can't remember if there is a Cheeburger Cheeburger in Orlando. I know of a few where I live. If you eat their 1 lb. burger, you get your photo on the wall! One guy down here has about 20 or so pictures on the wall! :)
There IS a CheeburgerCheeburger down the block from Universal, Barry. It's right near the Publix on Kirkman Rd right on Conroy. I did not visit them but my son got the biggest kick out of it's name!
Originally posted by Robinrs
There IS a CheeburgerCheeburger down the block from Universal
I've eaten there. Okay burgers and pretty good chocolate shakes.
Hi, we've been to the Jungle Jims in Orlando and also Myrtle Beach and enjoyed our meals both times. Here is the link to their web site:

I've had the Monte Cristo sandwich and the Teriyaki Pineapple burger...both were delicious.
I know you are not interested in eating at McDonalds, but there is a new McDonalds that has just opened that is somewhat unique.

I have not been, but read an article about it. It is an upscale McDonalds Cafe with gourmet coffee, pizzeria, wait service and many more upscale amenities that you would not normally find at Mickey D's.

This new McDonalds is located on Sand Lake Road, just west of Interstate-4. About 3/4 of a mile from the other McDonalds on Sand Lake Road, the one with the large playground in front.

If anyone has been to this new McDonalds, let us know if it is any good??
Not only did I go to that McDonald's, OrlandoInfo, I am STILL in shock over it!!

We were staying on Turkey Lake and, of course, my son wanted McDonald's food for dinner.... we're on vacation and he still wants McDonalds! Well, I was blown away by this place. The "servers" were all dressed in black and the food they offered were NOT what I was used to at a McDonalds! And the BIG surprise what going upstairs! They had a game room fit for a king! We took the ELEVATOR, yes, I said elevator, up there and was dumbstruck.

I took my sister there when she came down a few days later and she had to take pictures of it! I must say, I haven't seen high class restaurants with the decor this place had. Even the bathrooms were exquisite. We liked sitting up there and watching the look on the faces of people who came upstairs. Most just stood there dumbstruck!

My sister's synopsis? Some millionaire with aLOT of money and a dream to make a better MickeyD's...

Nuff said! :D
According to the 2001 Foodie Awards, run by the Orlando Sentinel, readers say the best burgers are at Back Yard Burgers at 7699 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando 32809, 407-888-2820 or 290 S State Rd 434, Altamonte Springs 32714, 407-862-0660.

The food critic diagrees. He prefers then burgers at Sam Snead's Tavern, 301 E Pine St, Orlando 32801, (that's in downtown Orlando) 407-999-0109
House of Blues in Downtown Disney has one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life...big, fresh...wonderful! If it is a nice day...ask to sit outside overlooking the water!


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