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Oct 8, 2000
We were very lucky to find great deals on 2000 items and great things to stash away for dd birthday party..with Minnie theme this year...but I don't think the directions to Beltz were very clear on their brochere or signage...does anyone know the easiest route? My AAA map showed the outlet but then there were so many buildings! Wishing there was one near us...:rolleyes:

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the first time we went it was hard to find also,but we did find a easer way to get there. Now when you where there you did go to both disney outlet at beltz? One was in one mall and the other was in the other mall. Also did you go to the Premier outlet just down the road from crossroads?
That one is only min away.We went to all 3 every day they get new stuff in. We bought all are stuff
there. :cool:


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I've been there 3 or 4 times. From WDW, take I-4 East to Exit 30A, Universal Studios. At the end of the exit ramp, make a right and then get in the far left lane. At the light, make a left. This is International Drive. Follow it for a mile or so, the outlet is on the left. It is called Belz Factory Outlet, don't go in the Belz Designer Outlet. One store is in mall one and one in mall two (Character Premier & Character Warehouse).
Could someone please explain the differences between the outlet stores. Are they all basically the same? Is there one in particular that should not be missed?? Thanks. :cool:

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They are basically the same and now there is one closer to WDW in the new Premier Outlet Mall. From a previous poster:

"From Downtown Disney, go down Hotel Plaza Blvd. At the end is 535 (Crossroads is straight across), make a right and get in the left lane. After you pass under I-4 (just a short distance), there is a light, turn left. This is Vineland Road. There is also a sign Lake Bryan. It is about a mile or two down the road, right past the Shrine. It is called Character Premier and is the same one as at Belz."
Thanks to everyone on these boards when we were down there in early December, we bought a majority of our souveniers at the outlet malls at the Character Warehouse. My wife wanted a minnie snowman. Instead of 22 dollars in the park we paid 11 dollars. Another example is a pair of MIckey sweats for 9.99. There is allot of bargains to be found.
Did I read this correctly? I can't wait to go to that one--it is much closer to Disney. How does it compare to Character Premier and Character Warehouse at Belz Outlets?? Can't wait to find out. I am a very regular customer of these 2 stores.

Does anyone know of a web page or an 800 number I could call to request a brochure? :)
The new Crossroads Outlet Mall gets my vote! This new mall is much nicer, cleaner, and easier to get around than the Belz Outlet Mall. I found all the Character Outlets to be comperable with the merchandise they offered. Went to all 3 last November, and was sorry I wasted my time getting over to Belz Outlet.........

I asked one of the clerks at the new Premier Disney outlet if the merchandise selection is comparable at the two Belz stores and the new Premier. She said that the Character Warehouse (Belz) usually has more clothing and Character Premier (Belz) has more articles and such. The new Premier has a general mix. IMHO I found the Belz stores to have a better selection even though the new Premier is cleaner and better organized.


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