beat the heat


Keep to the code!
Jun 18, 2000
we wnet in august last summer and the tips i got here really helped us stay cool, so i want to pass them on. everyone else add yours too.

1)misty fans. i got mine from the disney store cheaper than at the park.

2)long hair? put it up wet in the morning, damp hair for most of the day really was a blessing.

3)spray deoderant for the feet.

4)be out in the heat for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

5)buy bottled water from costco. freeze it the night before, youll have cold water at least all morning.


May 21, 2000
Here are some more for MK...

1) get soaked on Donald's Boat

2) eat at Starlight Cafe -- good strong AC

3) go to the bathroom -- more good AC

4) see Diamond Horseshoe Revue at 1:00 ish; dark and cool


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