Beach Cottage????


Aug 23, 1999
We have a beach cottage coming up in June at Vero. In the DVC member book, its says there is a powder room on the main floor but I don't see it on the floor plan in the book or on the website. Anyone know if there is one on the upper floor and if so, does it have a shower like the one off the living area at OKW Grand Villa? Thanks!


Earning My Ears
Jun 7, 2000
It does not. All bathrooms are downstairs either in or next to the bedrooms! Enjoy!!!


DIS Veteran
Aug 18, 1999
To add to that, one of the three bathrooms downstairs is accessible from both the hallway and the bedroom so that any guests using the upstairs for sleeping could access that bathroom without entering the bedroom. This isn't the master bath, it is one of the bathrooms to the other bedrooms that have the 2 queen beds in them.

We stayed in a Beach Cottage in March and they are gorgeous! We had 11 people and had plenty of room. Our family was extremely impressed. Let me know if you have any other questions about them.


Just happy to be here...
Aug 17, 1999

If you don't mind me asking, how many nights are you staying, and how far in advance did you make these reservations?

I know the Beach Cottages are hard to get, and I'm just wondering how your experience went.

We've stayed in one once before, but our guide kinda got the deal for us.

(We also had to cancel one during Hurricane Floyd) :(



Aug 23, 1999
We are staying there for a few days right before the week of the 4th of July - then its off to ALK then a Grand Villa at OKW. We have 14 so we have a beach cottage & an inn room at Vero and a Grand Villa & studio at Old Key West. This is a big graduation trip for my daughter so we booked everything 11 months in advance to the day!! (we own at Old Key West w/ add on at Vero so we have the 11 month window at both places). We have toured that one beach house last time we visited there and loved it - can't wait to stay in it. I was confused about the "powder room" listed in the member guidebook - oh, well - at least one of the baths downstairs is accessable from the outside. Thanks for everyone's help.

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