BDL/MCO $272 RT Why so high?


Dec 15, 2000
Bradley to Orlando 4/6/03-4/11/03 is $272 RT. I know this time falls within their Florida black-out dates but it still seems high to me. I started checking their fares almost as soon as they were posted and almost all flights on Sunday, 4/6, were listed as "Unavailable" except their most expensive fully refundable fare at $175. Will this likely come down? I have seen SW open their fares and a lot of flights Unavailable for the first couple of days and then the cheaper flights open up.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I've flown anything but SW from Hartford to Orlando. Should I look into Delta or USAir? Anything new coming up there that I should know about?


Margaret in Snowy Connecticut
Sign up for SWA's weekly "newsletter". Each week they have specials. The notice comes out on Tues. Also in this newsletter, they will have promo cities. That runs from Tues-Thurs. I just got RT for two from BDL to MCO for 333.00 total. SWA does not have a lot of black out dates and this is well before Easter, so, keep on checking.
I do get SW's newsletter each Tues. Guess I'll keep checking and keep my fingers crossed.

Our April trip is an "extra" that wasn't supposed to cost too much. We are DVC members so room is taken care of and we have annual passes so tickets are taken care of. Now we just need cheap airfare!

Margaret in CT
Same scenario here. Well, not an extra trip (lucky you!!!) but we are DVC members with APs. :) We snagged pretty good airfares, so, we are happy campers. :)
Does the $272 include taxes and fees? We got a great deal on expedia (United SYR to MCO) for February. The four tickets were $680, but after taxes and fees, the total was $886!

Keep looking. I would get on the internet in the a.m., and the cost would be $1200, an hour later it would be $886! Keep trying and good luck.
Hi Margaret!! I have been having the same problem. We were thinking of flying into Miami, for a change and it was over a THOUSAND $$$'s EACH!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!
I checked direct from BDL to MCO and it was still high. I guess with all the new safety checks and technology that airports are going to have to use now (which the airlines will have to pay for) the cost will be forwarded onto the passangers. Oh well, I guess there is a price for safety-and if that's the reason-I am willing to pay (not gladly-but I will pay)
When are you going? I just plugged in the dates I am going (early FEB) and Delta is showing 270.50 per ticket. Lot less than a grand each.
The fares are not likely to increase a lot because of this new security, we have been paying the fee since 9/11 and that is supposed to be for these improvements.
The cheapest we could find from BDL to MCO was United at $238.50 each and we have a stop at Dulles both ways. Yuck! Delta Express has always been the way to go for us, but their prices were just too high this year.
Yes we did. They were even more expensive. We were very surprised. We always hear what great deals SW has, but we weren't able to find any.
WE are going 2/26-3/3. To be honest, I'm afraid to keep checking. What if I find something better? How can I get out of the tickets we already have with United?
I did not realize you had already booked tickets. I really thought you were still pricing this out. Sorry. :(
SWA has some $59 each way to Fort Lauderdale.... in case it helps someone. Its a bit of a drive to Orlando and may not be worth it to everyone ....... just a thought.


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