BCV studio w/ 5 people. What do you think?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by markm0926, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. markm0926

    markm0926 Cast Member

    Feb 27, 2002
    We are stying in a BC Villa studio. There are 5 of us, the youngest being only 2 1/2 and staying in the pack-n-pay. Was just wondering how tight we are going to be, will we have room for our stroller and all our stuff.
    We don't mind the close quarters, just want to be able to plan for it.

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. RweTHEREyet

    RweTHEREyet DIS Veteran

    Sep 4, 1999
    The entrance to the studio is angled, not a straight walk in like most hotel rooms. Because of the angle, there is lots of room to put strollers, car seats, etc. just inside the front door.

    I think you will be fine.

    You scared me with your 5 in the studio title. I am sure this one will get lots of hits and people will have their fingers poised and ready for a response. :)
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  4. sgtpet

    sgtpet DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2001
    There is nothing wrong with it but if you use that space mentioned above for the pack n play then you won't have much room for your suitcases and gear. I think it is tough for 4 people in a studio let alone adding a toddler with all of their stuff into the equation.
  5. patsal

    patsal <font color=FF3399>I've discovered I don't need to

    Jul 10, 2001
    Just plan on taking the pack n play down every night so that it isn't in the way. you'll still have more room that you would in a standard hotel room. If your not planning on spending too much time in the room you really should be alright.
  6. mikesmom

    mikesmom <font color=9999FF>Never pool hops without a licen

    May 25, 2000
    Also depends on how big and space absorbing the other 4 are. I had two 19-year olds in a studio last May. I wouldn't have wanted to be in there with them ;)

    For part of the trip we were at OKW and that seemed quite roomy, but for a portion we were at BWV (which I believe has the same amount of space as BCV) and it seemed like they really filled it up.

    Now, that being said, there are extenuating circumstances:
    1. we always get a 1 or 2 bdrm so we are spoiled and tend to spread out, and
    2. they love the resort so they do spend a lot of time in the room, on the balcony, or changing from the pool.

      and, oh yeah, that reminds me - remember you only have 1 bathroom. That is sometimes the deciding factor.
      If it's you and another adult and the others are kids, you'll probably be fine - especially if you're used to regular hotel rooms.
  7. colleen costello

    colleen costello <font color=FF99FF>Is in a "just back from OKW and

    Jul 23, 2002
    BCV studios have a good amount of floor space just outside the bathroom, in front of the vanity. The pack-n-play may fit there each nite. Just don't trip over your little one if anyone has to make a potty run in the night!

    My children were 7 and 4 last summer when we 4 stayed in a studio. It is not "roomy" for a family, but adequate. The area just inside the door does have a lot of floor space and we kept lots of our junk here -- pool toys, sandals, coloring books, etc. I am always embarassed when we check in -- we are like the Beverly Hillbillies! We pack TONS of stuff but somehow it all fit in the room. Staying in a studio meant we could come to Orlando a 2nd time last year, so I was pretty pleased with our "little" room.
  8. zurgswife

    zurgswife WDW is my Shangrala...and I'm going...life is bett

    Jan 9, 2000
    Prior to purchasing; CRO put my family of six in a studio...we switched from the FW Cabins.....2 adults and 4 kids ( 3m, 3yr, 4yr, 5yr.).....Not to bad....so I think it depends on the age and sizes of the children.....
  9. jodifla

    jodifla WDW lover since 1972

    Jan 19, 2002
    We put our pack n play right by the front door at night in the studios. That way the baby was out of the way of foot traffic, and it was quieter for him. We folded the crib up during the day.

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