BCV floorplan question


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Aug 20, 1999
I was just looking at the floorplans of the 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas at BCV. Tell me if I'm wrong, it looks like there is a hall closet only in dedicated 1-bedrooms. The 2-bedroom shows the entrance to the studio portion where the hall closet should be. Did the closet move to somewhere else in the room? Doesn't really show that. Maybe behind the door? I'm sure that you don't have to walk throught the closet to get to the second bedroom. ;) We like to put coolers and such in that closet. Guess the master room's closet is really big enough if neccessary. Anyone see something different? Maybe I am misreading the floorplans.
Remember these are only drawings and hard to make much from them. It's not uncommon for timeshare to come up with a floor plan drawing and publish them then have changes that never get updated on the pictures and the like. I hadn't heard there would be decidcated 1 BR units and I would be surprised if there were many/any of them. The only reason to do so would be to take up a space too large for a studio and too small for a 2 BR because of resort design, much like the odd rooms at VB. Just don't make too many inferences from the drawings other than those that are standard for DVC and hasn't been reported from other directions. If there are are dedicated 1 BR units, they will likely have an extra closet just as a dedicated 2 BR has an extra closet in the second BR where the door would be.
I don't know if any units will have a closet there. In the room we saw there is just a doorway to studio. I think this is their new design.
BounceyOne, were there 2 closests in the bedroom then? Did it seem like there was adequate storage space?

I could be wrong but I think it is just the walk in closet in the one bedroom. My mind is drawing a blank, we only took a quick tour.
I was just wondering because we have stayed in both types of 1-bedrooms at BWV. And both, the dedicated and the lock-off, had a nice size closet by the front door. But then again, at BWV the entrance to the studio lock-off is in the livingroom area, not by the front door. Dean is probably right and the floorplans may be a bit off. Even though it is just the 2 of us if we are renting a 1-bedroom we do use that closet to store coolers and such. And if a family of 4 is renting a 1-bedroom at BCV they could probably use the extra space in that closet.


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