BCV Dues Cost?

Terry S

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Aug 9, 2001
I know we will find this answer out for sure in a couple of weeks, but with all the confirmed reports that we have seen about BCV selling for $75 ppt I was wondering if anyone has heard what the cost of the dues will be for BCV? Thanks in advance.
Actually, there are no confirmed reports regarding BCV. Some DVC CM's have suggested that sales will begin on Feb. 3 at $75 per point, but that has NOT been stated officially by DVC.

I would expect that DVC will notify all current members soon about sales at BCV, but until that official announcement is made, everything is speculation. Included in our speculation is sales date, price, resort opening date, point charts and dues.

Stay Tuned!
Yep, it's all speculation so far.

So allow me to speculate. On the assumption that BCV will have a similar operating cost structure to BWV or VWL, my guess is that the annual dues per pont will be similar to those resorts.
Thanks Doc and Werner. I guess I was under the impression when a DVC CM told me specifically that the price will be $75 ppt, I thought that he knew for sure. He didn't say might be or I think it will be he said it will be. But, I understand what you are saying there has been no official announcement as of yet.
I also expect that $75 will be the opening price for BCV, but until it's publically announced by DVC it's still not official. I agree with Werner's assessment that dues will be similar to those at BWV and VWL. I also feel that point requirements will be the same as VWL.

We should all know "officially" soon!

Stay Tuned!

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