Bargains at WDW outlet stores!


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Nov 10, 2004
I don't know if this is the right place to put it but I just had to share! I was at the Disney World Outlet store (Character Premier) in St. Augustine last night and there were LOTS of great deals. :Pinkbounc

Two in particular that I thought you all might find of interest - one was a Christmas tree topper that is absolutely adorable with Cinderella's castle and Mickey flying by as Santa in a sleigh. The price marked was $35.00 but I decided to check with the CM and see if it was discounted and it was! $17.99!!!! And if you have the Beltz Mall discount card you get another 15% off if your total is more than $35.00. (Not hard for me to do there!) Anyway, I was thrilled as I am doing a Disney tree for the first time and didn't have a topper.

The second deal was the Mickey Mouse doll that is so popular and talks all about the park. (Sorry, I can't remember the name of it at the moment!) It says like 700 different things about WDW. Anyway they are approx. $56 in the parks and yesterday they were in the outlet store for $27.99.

If you are in the Orlando area you might want to check the WDW outlet stores there for the same deals. (Only difference is that those WDW outlet stores don't honor the additional 15% card.)
Thanks for the info! Did you happen to notice if they had any scrapbooking stuff on sale? Denim Jackets?
I LOVE those stores!
I know! Those stores are the best!!! I very rarely buy things in the park anymore because I know that there is a good chance that they will eventually end up in the outlet stores for at least 50% off! I especially love dated stuff - they ALWAYS end up there! In fact, I saw some super Christmas ornaments at MGM in Nov that were quite expensive but they were in a fancy dated box so I am hoping to see them in the outlet store after the holidays.

They didn't have a lot of scrapbooking stuff last night at the one in St. Augustine but I know that the one in Orlando did when I was there last month. They did have some really nice scrapbooks - looked like brown leather cover (faux I'm sure) with a raised/embossed type of Disney logo on the front. They were around $13. Very nice! Looked like 12 x 12 size.

I do remember seeing some denim jackets but I can't remember any particulars about them. Sorry! They had some great deals on t-shirts. I got an adorable MGM shirt for DS's gf (fitted with really nice embellishments) yesterday that were $23 in the park and I got it for $4.99!!!
TinkerKat said:
Thanks for the info! Did you happen to notice if they had any scrapbooking stuff on sale? Denim Jackets?
I LOVE those stores!

I found a surprisingly nice Disney denim jacket at the Walmart on 192. I do not think you will find this in your average walmart outside FL... it was in the touristy section (they also had them at the flea market) Actually, my DH's grandma found it before I did.. lol. I believe it has the fab five on the back and Disney in script on the front. Really nice.


The Belz Outlet stores are at the very top northern end of International Drive. Inside one, if not two, of the mall buildings there are Disney-themed outlet stores.
Does anyone have the phone numbers for any of the WDW outlet stores? I'd like to see if they still have Pal Mickeys available.




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