Back from President's Week at HRH

How did you like your stay?


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Hey Dreamer!!!!!!! I lived on LI all my life until a year ago when we moved to Jacksonville.
How's the snow? I do miss the snow.
Anyway, tell us all about the HRH and your trip. We are taking a weekend trip and staying at the HRH in a club room so any details would be great!
How were the crowds during President's Week?

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HRH is a beautiful hotel with the most magnificant room decor. I just loved the duvets & pillows!! The pool was great and luckily the weather was 80's+ the whole week!! The ease of location can't be beat. The employees are being trained and some are genuinly proficant at what they do. The parks weren't busy in my opinion especially compared to the crowds at Disney!!! Loved the's the only way to go! Did notice that when the hotel is full so is the parking lot...sometimes it quite awhile to find an open spot.
Anyway, here's my story: I booked 2 club rooms with the special request of "connecting" with an interior door as I planned to put my 3 kids to bed earlier than I wanted to hit the sack. So, upon check-in (12:30pm on Sunday)I gave bell-hop our luggage and found out rooms wouldn't be ready to 3:30 and that they won't be on the club level as reserved because they didn't have 2 rooms that connected available. So, they bumped us down to 2 connecting std. rooms credited me correctly down to the std. room pricing and gave us access to the club lounge for our stay. So at 3:30 (normal check-in time) when the rooms weren't ready due to maids not servicing them they gave me 5 drink vouchers worth $7.50 each which came in very handy. Those frozen drinks at the pool bar are yummy!! Told to call back to front desk at 4:30ish. Now, I'm starting to get nervous as the kids are getting tired as we were up since 4am. 5 o'clock and the rooms aren't ready so the front manager (at the time) offered dinner for my family of 5. But since we have been swimming and don't have clothes to change into (luggage with bellhop) decided to put off comp dinner for following evening and just munch on club food. Up to the lounge we went and Derrick the most efficient concierge attendant did some tricks on his computer, ran down to floor 6 and found 2 connecting rooms...let us in, called bellhop for luggage and keys and we were all set. The following day the front desk manager gave us a $100 food credit on our room charge. I feel that HRH has a lot of kinks to work out. I will stay there again and feel that they really were generous with compensation on many foul-ups. I do know that connecting rooms is a request and not guaranteed, but with all the pre-arrival notification, I had made it very clear that they had to honor this request.

Hope I haven't bored anyone with my checking in details...

Annie - where did you live on LI? We are way out East and are bracing for the biggest snow of the season...predictions are 24"+
It's refreshing to see an establishment over compensate when their customers run into problems caused by the hotel. Now all we have to do is get them to train the CEO's at Disney World so we can enjoy the same compensitory treatment there. Disney use to be much better at it.
dreamer, you are rubbing it in! As I mentioned in another post, I got bumped down, and they refused to credit, stating only had I paid list price for pool would they give a credit. more correctly, they had my room rate listed incorrectly, and stated it was less than garden views list rate. The fact that garden view can be bought for $50 less than I actually paid was irrelevant. I got an offer of 2 free drinks by the ONE really exceptional employee (by this, I mean, he did everythign he could, and without being told to by a boss, and was not indifferent) but we dont drink much and so passed. The cust svc director made up some of it upon checkout, and I wonder, maybe some employees got a kick in the pants. When were you there again? We checked out on the 16th. I heard from several people that there were lots of upset people. I agree, they are learning, but some of what I saw went beyond common sense, let alone lack of training. I felt maybe some of the employees either resented having to serve 'rich people' (like I'm rich or something), and some I thought felt they were being clever, as in "if I can switcheroo on this guy, it will free up a room I need for someone else!" Of course, i'm not stupid, so I got mad.
Chase - I arrived on Feb. 18th (Sunday) and the hotel was at peak capacity. I'm sorry that the staff didn't compensate you for the "bump-down". Regarding our situation, I felt that we were treated exceptionally. We will stay there again...if they'll have us ;)
Hi Dreamer,
Sounds like HRH more than made up for your inconvenience. I'm glad it went well for you.

We lived in Bay Shore on LI. I keep watching the weather reports as I still get NY news on Dish and I'm jealous!! I loved the snow! I loved the blizzard of 96. We got 29 inches. That was fun.
Stay safe tho' it is treacherous.


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