Back from 4 nights at Universal and Hard Rock Hotel!


oh bother!
Aug 23, 1999
Hey everyone, we got back from 4 nights at Hard Rock Hotel and Universal (4/24 - 28). The place was empty!! We were upgraded to concierge and it was okay, but not worth paying for IMHO. Hard Rock Hotel on a whole is excellent though!!

Rode all of the rides with little to no wait at IOA and Universal. We went to Sea World one day, and it wasn't really crowded either, except for a lot of class trips.

All in all it was great, with the exception of housekeeping, who didn't even come for 2 days! I will post a more detailed trip report in the coming days, but for now, if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them :)

You know, as wonderful as HRH sounds, there have been a lot of complaints about housekeeping on this board. HRH has been open since, what, January? You'd think by now they'd get their act together. We're spending 3 nights at HRH after our stay at WDW in June and I'm getting a little worried. I know, for every bad story you hear there are probably 3 good stories. But when most of the bad stories are about the same thing, then you gotta wonder what's going on......

Hi , THanks for your post on HRH. We are going in June and have two questions please... We have just a basic room, and wonder how does one get an upgrade? do you ask if it is available? Also, do you remember how late the shuttle can pick you up from SeaWorld? We would like to stay for the evening activities but it seems that the HRH shuttle has its last pick-up at about 4:30. Thanks for your help. Mabel
Hi everyone -

Letsbegoofy and Mabelette actually, I had a special rate of $149/nt for a pool view room, which I got with a special card from Loew's first in the mail. I also had the blue card that Loews sent out to Loew's First members at Christmastime. It was already noted in the computer that I was a Loew's First member, but when I presented the Christmas Card the person checking me in said he would upgrade me to concierge, since "they weren't that busy". So I think if you're a Loew's First member and it's not a busy time, you have a pretty good chance of getting an upgrade.

Amy I wouldn't worry about the housekeeping issues. I called both times to report that our room hadn't been cleaned (4 PM each time) and they offered to send someone right up to clean the room. We declined both times, and just took some extra towels, because just laying down and relaxing was more important than a clean room at that point!

Mabelette The Sea World Shuttle picked up at Sea World to go back to HRH (I believe) at 4:30 PM, 6 PM, and 7:15 PM (the park closed at 7 that day). We didn't take the shuttle either time, because in the morning it was way too crowded since it stops at Portofino first. We got on the bus, saw no seats, and got off again. We were walking back up to get a taxi, and saw the bus driver, and told him there was no room on the bus and he said to stand! This wasn't a Disney or city-type bus, it was one of those coach buses with the upholstered seats and VERY narrow aisles. Not very safe to stand up on. The bus also stops at Wet n Wild before going to Sea World. It cost about $12 or $14 for a taxi each way. We didn't take it back to the hotel because we left too early and didn't want to wait around.

We had a standard sized room on the club floor. You had to use your key in the elevator to access it. It had 2 queen beds, even though we were told it had a king (we were so happy to have concierge at that point, we didn't argue!). It had a table with 2 chairs, a stuffed chair with an ottoman, the dresser with the TV and stereo on top of it, the mini bar, a closet, the bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, and a vanity outside of the bathroom with another sink. It was plenty of room for 2 people but I think anything over 2 adults and 2 small children would be pushing it. That's just my opinion, and it's also after coming from 4 nights at the All Stars! We had a view of the rooftops below us, but even better, a view of IOA and Universal! It was really cool to watch the roller coasters go!
When we were there the week before Easter, housekeeping would want to do our room first, and the day we weren't out early didn't come back till the end. The first time we called the front desk, and they said someone would come, and we went back out to the pool Beach Club for a little extra relaxing. Had to call for our towels and coffee refills later, but that was only on the day when they had to come back.

Just back. Had no problems with housekeeping. They were there bright and early every day except Sunday when they had 400 people checking out. Our room (4101) was very clean, very large and had a nice view of the back garden and waterway.


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