Babysitting @ the "Clubs"??


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Oct 26, 2000
Are the Clubs at some of the hotels (for babysitting) for kids 4 and up or 3 and up? I've read two different books: one says the "clubs" are for kids 3 and up and the other says 4 and up.

My daughter is 3 and is potty trained. I'm hoping that we can still get her into one of the "clubs" so we can take an adult evening out. (This is coming from a mommy who has NEVER hired a babysitter believe it or not. That's right - we haven't gone out as adults without our daughter more than 3 times - when a family member is in town! LOL I really want a night out for a few hours on vacation :) Thanks!
You can call the different clubs and ask, but I know for certain that Neverland Club and Cub's Den is 4 and up. You could also try the in room sitters, I've heard there are some really good ones. Good Luck and I hope you get that night out :)

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call the number 407-wdw-dine and ask to speak to a supervisor explain the situation and see if they have any recommendations.

I have heard of "fair godmother's" - but i don't have the phone number.

found the number (407) 969-9847 and toll free 877-611-4314
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