Babysitting at BWV


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Apr 28, 2001
We are planning on taking our 2 year old to BWV and are wondering about the on-site babysitting for a night out to dinner. Anyone who has used it, we'd love your thoughts on the services.:bounce: Thanks!
We used the Harbour Club in BWV in 1998 for our 3 yr old daughter and a 4 yr old nephew. They thought it was great. We booked a P.S. in an Epcot WS Resort ( China ) for a 8 pm reservation. Plenty of time to enjoy the resort and pick the kids up on the way home.

Hope this alays any fears you may have.

We trusted them 300%, and the kids loved it.

They also give you a beeper for free.

Stevie Kay
I thought that children had to be four years old in order to participate in the children's clubs. Were you asked to present ID for the three year old or have I been misinformed? My son will be three on our next visit to the BWV (fully potty trained) and we would love an adult night out. Any info is appreciated.
Kindercare worked out well for us. The babysitter came promptly and prepared. Call a few days before you head down and set it up.

We were at the BWV in February. The Harbour Club absolutely refused to take our 3 1/2 year old son - even with our 8 year old daughter. They said they only took 4 year olds and older.

There are at least 3 in-room sitters: Kindercare, Fairy Godmothers and All about Kids. Kindercare seems the most professional of the three services.


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