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Jan 28, 2000
Can the whole family go into the baby care centers or is it restricted to just mommy and baby?

(We weren't planning on having a party in there, just my ds and dh to come in while I feed the baby.)

Thanks in advance!!
My whole family used the baby care center with no problem. I needed to change my son's diaper, and while I was doing that, my dh and dd went into the playroom they have, with toys and a tv with videos on. It really is great for the whole family to be able to take a break. They also have a family restroom in there that tends to be cleaner than the general ones in the park. And the centers really do stock everything you could need-they're great, so definitely check them out!:D
There is a nursing room at each baby care center with rockers that can be used to feed babies. Those rooms are restricted to women only unless there aren't any other women there.

The baby care centers are great! The only bug-a-boo I ran into was the rule about no strollers in the centers. I was alone with 5 mo. old and three year old and I did not know where to put the baby down when three year old had to go potty! (The attendant volunteered to hold him:) )
I found the Baby Center at Epcot to be really out of the way while the one at Magic Kingdom was perfect. It would be nice if they had at least 2 baby centers but I think there is only 1 per park. Anycase - they are very nice and VERY CLEAN!

We love the baby centers. They are great. When we go grandma and grandpa even come in with us. They never say anything and seldom have they been very busy. It is a great place to take care of the details of traveling with an infant or toddler. I don't think you will have a problem, at all. The attendants have always gone out of their way to help

We were in Disney this past August with a 1 year old. The baby centers are great and really cool inside. I had no problem with hubby and niece coming inton the rooms. Good place to just hold baby for his nap while others in your group are riding some rides. Hope you enjoy your trip.:p


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