AVIS-Van Rental Has anyone received a good rate


Earning My Ears
Sep 26, 1999
Has anyone gotten a good rate for a van rental from AVIS. The best I could get is $391.
Is this for a 15 passenger or an 8 passenger? Alamo has an 8 passenger for about 363.oo base rate . This is with promo code yq (or qy, I forget) Good luck,
This is what I got at AVIS using USA at the rate code:
(This is for a Chevy Venture or sim)
Your rate for a 14 day rental is: 495.00 - USD
Additional Fees and Taxes:

Free Unlimited Miles/Kilometers
This rate does not include taxes or additional surcharges which may apply at this location.
Mandatory surcharges may apply. For more information, click here and select "Surcharges & Taxes" from the pull-down menu.
Surcharge: $2.05/day (Florida Surcharge & Waste Tire/Battery Fee) + $0.35/day (Vehicle License Fee) + 9.8% (Concession Recovery Fee)
Tax: 6.000 %

Approximate Total: 611.74 - USD

PS..I got a minivan thru Dollar for $209 a wk using FVG code
Dollar has much better rates for van using FVG or KISS code.


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