Avalon Cove: lunch or dinner


Found him!
Jul 23, 2000
It seems like the menu would make this restaurant a better lunch spot. But, does the view of PP at night make it better for dinner?

Also, if you sit outside is it possible to see the Electric Parade?
You could probably see the lights, but not a very good view. The distance would make it harder to see, plus it's down stairs, which is level with the water, and the parade is actually higher up.

We ate there around 5:00. I wasn't much impressed with the food, although the character interaction was nice. And my DD loved the cotton candy they give you after dessert. She took it with her. The food was a little on the weird side and I go for more normal food.

We ate there at night but sat inside because it was so cold. You couldn't really see the lights. Go at a time when you have a lot of time to spare because the meal seems to take a really long time. We were there for at least 2 hours. Hope this helps! (By the way thier chocolate cake is really good! Goofy recomended it!)
I felt that avalon cove was way overpriced. Food was ok as was the service. We had dinner there. Everything seems to come as a three piece meal. We each had a burger, onion soup and a beer and with tip it came to $63. And the atmosphere has sure taken a dive since wolfgang puck moved out. You can grab a very nice lunch at the mondovi wine pavillion or have dinner at my favorite, the Story teller restaurant inside the grand californian.


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